Style isn’t only about wearing last collection. Wearing vintage clothes or accessories gives your look a cool touch that makes it unique and much more personal. It’s not just good for your wallet, it’s a sort of commitment to global concerns. How? Check out our selection of 5 second-hand / vintage stores in Milan: maybe we’ll catch up in one of them 😉


Madame Pauline
A boutique with a french touch in the heart of Milan: the shop has a selection of every kind of gowns, jewels, handbags and accessories that go back till the beginning of the last century.
Address: Foro Buonaparte 74, Milan
TBS ♥ lose yourself in a rainbow of handbags and beautiful gowns in a place

Vintage Delirium by Franco Jaccassi
Definitely the place-to-be for any vintage-lover. This huge store, located in an inner court near Brera has many incredible items: from Callot Soeurs’ ’20-’30s dresses to Versace’ and Thierry Mugler’s ’80s glamour.
Address: Via Sacchi, 3 Milan
TBS ♥ It’s like going to a museum. Absolutely a place to visit, even if you just want to be inspired, as Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada and many others usually do.

Cavalli e Nastri
Historical milanese vintage boutique it changed location and opened two more stores. You can find not only apparel and accessories but also unique mid-century design items, all narrowly selected.
Addresses:  via Brera 2, Milan
via Gian Giacomo Mora 3, Milan
via Gian Giacomo Mora 12, Milan
TBS ♥ : Every fashion magazine stylist of Milano comes here looking for unique items to picture: can you wonder why?

Humana Vintage
After being so popular in Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona this shop opened a few years ago in Milan, right next to Duomo. It offers an assortment of originals from-60s-to-90s, both for woman and man. The store is under the umbrella of a well known charity shop system: people donate their items, the shop fixes ’em and they sell them with affordable prices. All the incomes are used for financing global-matter projects.
Address: Via Cappellari, 3
TBS ♥ perfect for those that are looking for something special and cheap and that also wants to feel useful while shopping.

Mania Vintage
This handbag and accessories only boutique is a Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès best seller, it also has a section dedicated to antique jewellery, expecially Victorian age ones.
Address: Via F.lli Bronzetti 11 , Milan
TBS ♥  you can’t find shoes and clothes there, but it’s a Chanel-addicted eden.

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    I would never appreciate buying a used leather stuff for myself.I believe in living not in collecting like buy new may be unbranded

    Reply to sonia

    The place looks so beautiful…love vintage stuff too….hope to visit there someday.

    Reply to Joy
  • these shops look soo great!! the next time i go to milan, i am going to look for these 🙂 xx anna

    Reply to anna
  • Seems like a lot of bloggers are such fans of vintage shops – especially since brands can only share their pieces and looks with them to a certain extent. Otherwise overload! Well vintage shopping is a good way to definitely get pieces that are more unique and have a bit of character. Personally not a fan of vintage shopping for shoes and bags – but clothes I must say I can live with!

    Great store tips!

    xoxo Aela

    Reply to Aela Abalos
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