Carnival‘s hottest moment is here: mardi gras! IF youre still desperately looking for some sexy, funny and amazing costume, we have something for you. Here you are 5 ideas that perhaps nobody suggested you yet, eccentric but especially easy to realize (try and you’ll believe us!)

Moschino’s floral bouquet

Michelle Hunziker¬†wore it to celebrate Sanremo and its beautiful flowers, we suggested it for this 2018 Carinval because…is there anything more extravagant? Jeremy Scott designed for Moschino‘s spring-summer 2018 collection and he chose Gigi Hadid as the brand spring goddess. Did you know that this photo was the most liked and commented ever on Moschino’s Instagram page during Milan fashion week? All you need it: white tissue paper, a red ribbon and…many flowers!

Snapchat golden butterfly crown filter

Ok, Instagram’s Stories kick it real hard, but actually Snapchat is livelier than ever and it seems that 2018 would be the year of is revenge. If you are a make up lover, this tutorial is about its most popular filter, the¬†golden butterfly crown filter is perfect to amaze everyone at your Carnival’s party. You just need all your golden eyeshadows, bronzer and pigments and many, many golden butterflies!

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Kim Kardashian’s clone

Yeezy Season 6 campaign, starring Paris Hilton and other influencers as Kim Kardashian‘s clones, has been the most viral recently on social medias. Is there a more actual costume for 2018 Carnival? Free you inner Kim K and become her clone for a night. Clothes? Well, you shouldn’t have many problems to recreate Kanye West’s fashion pieces…


Lara Croft

There’s no other heroine sexier than Lara Croft. Why we suggest her for this Carnival? Because Tomb Raider’s main character will be once again on screen in the reboot¬†with Alicia Vikander as the famous videogame star. Tank tops, shorts, cargo pants are in everyone’s closets…we’ll just have to work on sexy and fearless archaeologist mood.



Cleopatra is for sure the Carnival costume you can always rely on. Plus, it seems that in 2018 the long awaited movie starring Angelina Jolie would finally be unveiled. Waiting for its official première, we can steal some ideas from all the celebrities that, in recent years, dressed up as the famous egyptian queen. The sexiest Cleopatra? For sure Emily Ratajkowski. Do you think her costume is too hard to realize? Well, you can challeng your inner Emilife (who, by he way, we interviewed) for this 2018 Carnival!

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