Purchase a city car is your next goal? This season, actually, is perfect: when sunny days are back, one-day trips outside the city are the things to do during the weekend. If you want to spend some quality time, you definetely need a small but spacious, and fast, car. Do you want to find out which are the 3 coolest city cars for 2018?


Fiat 500

Is therr anything more to say? Fiat 500, since 1957, is every italian’s dream and it couldn’t be different even in 2018. At the latest Geneva Motor Show, the italian brand has unveiled all the new versions that we’re going to see on the streets in the upcoming months.


Toyota Aygo

The smallest Toyota creation is still one the most beloved city cars in Italy. Why do we like it? Because among all the city cars, it needs less fuel!

Citroën C1

Separated at birth with Toyoya Aygo,Citroën C1 has a new energetic and fashionable design: among all the customization details, there are also some wonderful stickers!

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