There’s only one “isla” where you can experience incredible nights and lounge on dreamlike beaches, and that’s called Ibiza. The Spanish isle has been a favorite of young travellers for a long time, who mostly choose it for their summer holidays. To be honest, Ibiza is actually not just lively and vivid in July or August, but actually all the way from Spring until late autumn — unlike other isles. We at TBS love going there as soon as we have a little bit of free time and we are very attached to some of the places you’ll find in our suggestions to spend 48 unforgettable hours on the isle.


Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte
The most beautiful sunset of your life? Go enjoy it on a deck chair, with your favorite drink, here at Sunset Ashram. During the day, this is also an excellent place to swim in clear, tranquil waters.

Cala d’Hort
The sole fact that it was added to the protected area list in 2002 should be a good reason to go. If you add white, untouched beaches to that, this bay definitely deserves a visit. Just make sure you’re ready for the walk you need to have to go there, all the way down a narrow, steep path!

Playa d’En Bossa
This is no doubt the most crowded beach on the island, because it’s very long, surely, but also because here is the highest club concentration of the entire island. This is where you’ll find the coolest nightlife of the island. One example? The infamous Bora Bora!

Cala San Vicente
Probably one of the lesser known beaches, and not for a lack of beauty… Actually not at all! This small pocket of land is surrounded by beautiful waters that almost create a natural pool. The environment around the beach is still wild and underpopulated: it’s ideal for those who want to stay away from the more chaotic bits of the island.


El Carnicero
Tired of eating fish? Good, then, this restaurant is all you need. First-rate meat, wonderful choice of Jamon Serrano, great ambiance, helpful staff and a great, central location. You really can’t skip it, guys! We recommend it for a romantic dinner out.

La Brasa
It will feel like stepping into a en enchanted forest, the green surroundings will magically, instantly relax you. This restaurant offers both meat and fish, but the top dish here is paella de mariscos. It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it, trust us on that.


We kinda need to have a section on this when talking about Ibiza, there are really way too many locations to leave it to chance. There are so many clubs, maybe even too many! The obvious ones are the famous ones: Pacha, Privilege (the biggest club in the world), Space and Amnesia are all great, but we’d like to make a few more creative suggestions. Here are two that are a little less famous, but still fun and perfect for your fiesta.

Es Paradis
Located in the San Antonio district and it considered, architecturally speaking, one of the most beautiful clubs, thanks to its “pompously Roman” interior design. This club’s main event is the Fiesta del Agua, a water party that takes place every two weeks, during which the main dance floor gets flooded with water and turned into a pool. It’s an excellent alternative to the usual famous clubs.

Cova Santa
In a wonderful green area on the mountains, this is one of Ibiza’s most original clubs, since in the 15th century, the cave where it is located used to be a pirate shelter. Dancing in a natural cave with such a crazy history will be a unique experience, and it will make for good travel memories for you.

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