In winter, choosing a destination to spend a little free time seems a bit more complicated, either because you tend to be lazier, or because some consider the cold weather almost like an enemy. Well, this was not our case, since despite the low temperature we completely fell in love with Innsbruck, the charming Austrian town, capital of Tyrol, where we had the chance of spending a couple of days of snow of typical food, courtesy of Burton, which decided to celebrate here its 40th anniversary. Go there…you won’t regret it! Here’s our travel guide for 48hours of pure fun.

Day 1. What could there be in a relatively small town in the heart of Austrian Tyrol? A lot, and everything is just a walk away because the center of the town is tiny. These are the spot we think you definitely must visit.

Stadtturm (Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse). The gothic civic tower that represents the undisputed emblem of Innsbruck. Besides the facade, that clearly maintained its 1400’s original appearance, you must absolutely walk up the indoor stairs and reach the highest spot. You’ll enjoy a truly amazing scenery.

Goldenes Dachl. Right on the same street of the Stadtturm you can find another unquestionable symbol of the Tyrolese city. You’ll be impressed by the great harmony of gold, copper and beautiful and well preserved 1400’s frescos in the facade.

Golden Eagle. On the same street you can also dine at the same table where people of the likes of Goethe and Mozart ate. This is, in fact, Austria’s oldest tavern! Who knows if this was a source of inspiration for one of these artists’ masterpieces?

Inn River. If you keep exploring this small and lovely historic center, you’ll suddenly run into the magical Fiume Inn (that virtually gives the name to the city: Inn and bruck, that means bridge over Inn). The scenery you’ll be faced with is the classic and harmonious mountain landscape, in which the river flows gracefully, embellished by previously fallen snow and colorful houses, all different from one another. The reason for all these colors? Certainly not planned architectural decisions, but -as an old local explained to us- created by the hands of local women who colored their houses in order for their husbands to find the right one making their way back home when totally drunk. Unbelievable!

Maria-Theresien-Strasse. You cannot go without a stroll down this street, in which you’ll find an important monument in every corner. Some above all: the Triumphpforte, the Annesaule (St. Ann’s column) and the characteristic Indoor Market, offering Austrian traditional products and not only.

You can visit all this with ease in one day. But, afterwards you’ll probably feel fatigued and hungry! You’ll feel like biting on something good, traditional and typical. We suggest moving to Tulfes for dinner, at about 20 minutes drive from Innsbruck. There, you can find Tuxerbauer, a restaurant that will welcome you with an excellent mulled wine that will warm you up and a triumph of taste: any kind of meat (after all, we’re in the mountains!) but also local vegetables and cheeses. Making everything even more “Austrian” is a lovely band that plays and sings folk songs. A truly wonderful atmosphere! 🙂

Day 2. Travelling to Innsbruck in winter does not only mean enjoying local marvels but also having the chance of trying all the snow sports. Not too far from the city, you can find perfect spots to ski and snowboard like Kühtai. Approximately 40 minutes drive from Innsbruck, where we tried the snowboard for the first time. Burton, kindly provided us all our gear and most importantly two veeery patient instructors as we tried to keep our balance as such as possible while facing the easiest slopes followed by steeper and longer ones. The falls are many but as we keep getting up and trying again and again things get better. And with lunch, our energy makes its way back. We suggest you eat in one of the many lodges by the slopes, where you’ll find typical dishes as Goulash and Knödels. And mouthwatering desserts like chocolate mousses and the famous Sacher Torte dedicated to those who have a sweet tooth. After such a lunch, you’ll have to give your best on the snowboard to make up for it, but it’s definitely worth it. We can’t wait to come back to Innsbruck and jump on our snowboard again!

Pics by Vincenzo Malinconico and Carlos Blanchard

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