A premise must be made as we usually do for big cities: visiting Venice in only 48 hours is impossible, but we would like to suggest some absolutely unmissable addresses (aside from the Piazza San Marco and the Canal Grande). Get ready and prepare your legs for an intense tour!

Punta della Dogana
A piece of land that forms a triangle, something unique that only Venice can offer. Here, during the times of the Venetian Republic, there was one of the most important custom house of the world, while now visiting this area means looking at three very important pieces of architecture: The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, the patriarchal seminary and the custom house. As time is short, in one stop you will be able to see three important monuments!

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Dorsoduro, 701-704)
Inside the prestigious Palazzo Venier dei Leoni is one of the richest museums in Italy: the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which aside from having a magnificent position (it overlooks the Canal Grande) contains exceptional works by artists such as Picasso, Magritte, Kandinsky, Dalì, Chagall.

Ponte dei sospiri (Bridge of sighs)
Nothing in the world is more romantic than this little bridge connecting the ducal palace to the prison. Legend says that the name of the bridge comes from the fact that prisoners used to stop right here to breathe in pure air for the last time before forever losing their freedom. Independent of this story, this is one of the most famous places in the city. Take a gondonla and when you are directly under it, give your other half the sweetest kiss.

Casino Venier (Ponte dei Baretteri)
Want to relive the enchantment and splendor of the past? Great: Casino Venier is the most appropriate place because it has kept the spirit of the 18th century Venetian upper class parlors in tact (this has nothing to do with the casinos or the brothels). Aside from the interiors highlighting the richness of that time, there is a little secret that we want to unveil to you: hidden in the marble floor of the entrance hall, you will find a little peephole, which allows you to see anyone who is at the door, without being seen.


Trattoria Antiche Carampane (Rio Terà de le Carampane)
Venice is one of the most touristic places in the world and finding a calm and quiet place to eat is always difficult. This is why we suggest this trattoria, far from the crowded city center, where you can eat great cooked fish made according to Venetian tradition. Be prepared and book!

Al Timon (Fondamenta Ormesini, 2754)
For those that don’t want to sit down for dinner and want to try classic Venetian snacks you could try bacari, which, are basically bars offering great drinks and a multitude of snacks. Al Timon is without a doubt one of the best in the area, with gondolas on the canal that you can sit on.

Lineadombra (Dorsoduro, 19)
After having suggested fairly modestly-priced restaurants, we now propose a super chic place with an unbeatable view. There are fresh fish dishes and exquisite desserts to try while immersed in a marvellous surrounding. Go for dinner at sunset on a late summer’s evening, you’ll feel like the star of a film.

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