When you land in Vegas, two questions will come to mind right when you sit in the taxi: 1) who pays the electricity bills? 2) How many hotel rooms does this city actually have? Trust us: these will be the first things that come to mind in the first 10 minutes! After spending 4 days in the biggest city in Nevada, I have finally chosen the best adjective to describe it: eclectic.

The city center never sleeps, the neon signs make it impossible to feel lonely, happy, smiling tourists populate the streets, and the tall, huge hotels look like they were just built to protect you from the arid desert nearby. If you expect Vegas to be all about casinos and betting, read our 5 good reasons to visit it, and you will see: your fingers will immediately reach for the “buy the flight” button.

1. The food is really, really good!
Honestly? When I was flying there, I thought that the meal I got on the plane would be the last decent one for some time… And reality completely changed my perspective. I was always happy, for lunch and dinner, so I will share some suggestions of restaurants you can try while you’re in town. Bacchanal at Caesar’s Palace offers great brunch. Guys, believe me when I say I never saw a buffet this rich: it looked like a wedding party without a bride! Fresh fish, Asian food, sushi and all sorts of meat, as many side dishes as you wish, and the same goes for dessert. You will feel full but so satisfied, too!
I also recommend lunch at Giada‘s, an Italian restaurant that was recently opened by a very famous chef in the US. Her pasta was good — and if an Italian says that, you know it’s true — I also had roasted chicken with assorted sauces and a waffle as a side, which was a very convincing match. Just look at the photo in the gallery, and you’ll see what I mean. As for dinner, go to Sake Rok for a good Japanese dinner that is also fun: when you least expect it, the owner will start dancing and singing on the bar… It’s really genius!
The last restaurant I want to recommend is in downtown, the city’s most popular district and a very different location from the city center. Oscar’s Steakhouse offers delicious steak! Don’t waste your energy on starters or sides, only order meat and enjoy it fully, so you can save some space for your cookie dessert: a sizzling hot pan with a cookie, topped by ice cream. I can’t possibly explain what it felt like to eat it.


2. Your favorite stars are probably playing there
There’s a celebrity hall in Vegas called Planet Hollywood, and it also happens to be the location for some of the coolest concerts in the US. We had a look at their program, which changes every month and features some really interesting artists, such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Lionel Richie and Jennifer Lopez, who will all be playing here next season. I saw J.Lo’s concert and she really rocked it that night: her stage presence and the awesome acoustics just did it. If you see your favorite artist is playing Planet Hollywood, well, remember that that is the place you should see them in!

3. See the best of Europe in just a few metres!
Why fly so much, why change country and language, when Vegas offers all of Europe to you in just a few square metres? Yes, you got that right: you can see Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome and Venice in the streets of Vegas. The Tour Eiffel is smaller than the original but it’s better lit, and I have to say that Venice’s incredible canals are pretty well reproduced… And let’s not even mention Caesar’s statue, the Trevi fountain and other works by Bellini that you can see reproduced in Caesar’s Palace. While it is all lovely, fun and pretty entertaining, let me also point out that it also doesn’t match the emotions you will feel when you find yourself in front of the original ones! 

4. It’s hot, but there’s a solution…
The temperatures can get pretty high in Vegas, especially if you visit in Summer — and we recommend that you do, so you don’t get rained on, as you would in Winter. We are in the middle of the desert after all, right? So, what did the people of Vegas come up with to beat the heat? Great rooftop pools, for instance, and in a lot of cases, you don’t even have to be a hotel guest to use them: all you have to do is book ahead, and get ready to enjoy your sunbed. We tested Cabana, in the W  Hotel Las Vegas: chill atmosphere, a clean pool, people relaxing everywhere, and a bar where you can get fresh, amazing cocktails. Say no to melting Tarmac, and say yes to pools!

5. “Be” Michael Jackson for a day
If you’re a child of the 1990s, you’ll also have grown up seeing Michael Jackson everywhere, whether you liked it or not. And you probably also cried a lot when he died. Well, the King of Pop lives again nowadays thanks to a unique show by Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson ONE. This has been the resident show in the gigantic Mandalay Bay Resort for a while, it goes through the singer’s life’s most iconic moments, and it also reproduces the choreography of his most famous videos. TBS got the chance to have a look at the backstage area and see the workings of such a huge production. We touched the costumes with our very hands, we watched the tailors sew jackets, and hairdressers getting wigs ready for the show. My exploration wasn’t over yet, as I was even lucky enough to get a private class with the musical’s official choreographer… And guess what he tried to teach me? But the most famous dance in the world, of course: the Moonwalk! This was the result. I am sorry, Michael, I will never do this again. That said, the show definitely deserves your time.


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