Summer holiday are almost here and Capri is still a super coveted destination for those who are looking for a fantastic sea, glimpses of unspoiled nature and that hint of Mediterrean that makes this island unique. Chiara has just been there and she revealed us her favorite spots, sharing suggestions to live a day to the fullest in this magical place. Here is our guide for those who have a day or even just a few hours.

What to see. Capri is an island with a lot of caves, coves and steep cliffs that can be admired in all their beauty, especially in the sunlight. If you have just a few hours, in fact, you cannot miss the chance of taking the classic (yet always charming) photo in front of the Faraglioni. Then move towards the Giardini di Augusto: a very well-kept true botanic garden dating back to the early 1900’s from where to enjoy an incomparable panoramic view of Capri. Another un missable place is Villa San Michele, a house that belonged to a Swedish doctor who made a place filled with Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian ruins and remains livable . Till this day, the villa preserves this remains which are enriched by a garden of Mediterrean flora. Tradition has it that if you place your left hand in the Sphinx that you’ll find inside the garden and make a wish looking at the sea, your wish will come true. Finally, you wouldn’t want to miss what is considered to be the island’s biggest attraction, the Grotta Azzurra! You can reach it with a small rowboat and just going through the entrance is an experience: to get in you will have to completely lay down  because the opening is just 1m high. Once in, a sea of an almost unnatural color.

Beach life. Besides the into the blue of the Grotta Azzurra, we suggest some of the most beautiful and well equipped beaches in the island.  A little street that starts at the Hotel Punta Tragara leads to La Fontelina a beach complex right next to the Faraglioni, with a  restaurant to enjoy local dishes with an incomparable view. Then the famous  La Canzone del Mare in Marina Piccola, the favorite beach of international celebrities that features an amazing infinity pool  overlooking the sea

Eating Mediterranean. In Capri you can eat really well and not necessarily spending a fortune. Try Aldo, a small shop by the marina: here you’ll have the panini alla caprese (buffalo mozzarella, tomato and oregano) the best of the area at a super good price. In the afternoon, while at the beach, stop by Buonocore (Via Vittorio Emanuele, 35) for a very delicious ice cream. Our favorite flavors? O’ Sarracino and Caprilù…discover the ingredients! You wish to have dinner in enchanting surroundings? Then reserve a table at Paolino: seafood cuisine to enjoy right in the middle of a lemon garden. A small luxury that is worth indulge in at least once!

Cocktails and nightlife. Not just sea and sun, Capri is beautiful and alive even at night. For a true Mediterranean cocktail head to Tiberio (piazza Umberto I): Spritz or iced wine, accompanied by a quite unusual buffet: caprese salad, Naepolitan small pizzas and frisellona stuffed with fresh cherry tomatoes. Not very cheap but it will have you breathe the air of the Capri dolce vita. At night, letting loose at Anema e Core, the most famous tavern of the island, is a must, here it’s not unlikely to run into world famous celebrities like Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell. After the restaurant service, the place transforms into a club: everyone dances on the tables, even to traditional Neapolitan music!

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