Are you organizing a Paris trip? If you need some advice, don’t miss out low cost guide with tips for all budgets. If you’d like to indulge in something special instead read here below: we suggest our favorite luxury addresses!

Sleeping surrounded by a thousand of pillow. Central location and 5 star service: if you can afford the perfect hotel, then choose one of Paris’ best, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome (5 rue de la Paix). At 5 minutes from the wonderful Place Vendome and the historic Palais Royal is one of Chiara’s favorite hotels.

Enjoy high-level cuisine. The Tour Eiffel is the symbol of Parigi and the view from its top is simply amazing. Not many know that the tower “hides” an incredible restaurant: Jules Verne, at the second floor, offers an inimitable view and starred cuisine. An unmissable experience!

Look for your “essence”. Do you love perfumes? Then you cannot miss the chance of having something unique; a fragrance created just for you! And not just for you but by you! This is possible in Paris thanks to The Perfume Studio, that will allow you to create your own custom made essence in just a few hours.

Experience a different concept of shopping. A walk on the Champs-Elysée is a must, but don’t miss Colette (213 rue Saint Honoré), the number one concept store in town. It literally carries everything: fashion ( accessories, jewelry, clothing, furniture, books) with the most famous brands but also new and up-and-coming designers, food, water couture (yes, you read right: there’s a bar with over 30 different varieties of water!) we absolutely recommend it: stop by!

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    I absolutely love Paris and it was such a pleasure meeting you and Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) during the shoot for Lucky Magazine! Pictures are on my blog. 🙂

    Reply to Mia

    oh my god, you love paris, me too. but paris is a myth for tourist. it’s a wonderful town but not for living. if you’re a famous rich, it’s wonderful city. for middle class, it’s not not not not wonderful. think about that before writing. come living and you’ll see. but for tourist i’m sure it’s wonderful

    Reply to catherine

    And the news are?? Collette has been around for the last 20 years and parkhyatt too. So?

    Reply to Michele
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