Is pink your favourite colour? Are your outfits incomplete if you don’t put a touch of pink on it? Did you decorate your house with all pink’s shades? Well, probably you would like to know where to spend some very pink holidays. Discover with us which are the perfect pink places to visit in this summer 2018!




Muralla roja, Calpe (Spain)

Built by architect Ricardo Bofill in Calpe, a small city near Alicante, Muralla Roja seems like a labyrinth and actually is conceived with a true rational style. Pink, together with light blue, is one of the shade that colour up this building, where there are 50 apartments that you can rent for your holidays. The best pink place for your summer selfies!


Pink sand beach, Harbour Island (Bahamas)

There are many pink beaches in the world, but Harbour Island‘s pink sand beach in Bahamas is like a corner of paradise. The pink colour if this sugary sand comes from corals and shells. But remember, keep this pale pink tone in your smartphone gallery: you can’t take away this sand with you!


Lake Hillier, Middle Island (Australia)

This is one of the most famous salty lake in the world. Why is it pink? This is still a mistery, but it seems that its shade comes from seaweeds and bacteria that live there. The juxtaposition between Lake Hillier‘s pink shade and the green one from the forest and the blue one from the ocean makes it one of the most photographed lake in the whole world!

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