The closer we get to our much-desired summer vacations, the more we can’t wait to lay down in the sun. If you’re one of those late bookers who always postpone planning, by this time you must be desperately looking for a spot to spend a few relaxing days, hopefully without having to fork out a fortune. If you don’t want to sell body parts to spend a few days at the sea, Italy offers a number of summer destinations which are perfect for late bookers. And if you’re reading this from outside the country… well, Italy awaits you with open arms! Here’s our top 5 destinations for this summer, but don’t hesitate to let us know about your favorites!

Sicily is everybody’s dream vacation, especially in the summer. Crystal-clear water everywhere, excellent food, and friendly locals. This year, Catania ranked as one of the cheapest places on the island. And this city doesn’t offer just beaches and clubs, but also plenty of art and heritage. You can’t miss the markets in the city center (where you can buy the freshest fish in the region) and the Cathedral of St. Agatha; and if you’re looking for beautiful beaches, then you need to visit Aci Trezza!

Moving further north to central Italy, Pesaro is a popular summer destination. And despite its popularity, the city remains inexpensive compared to other urban areas on the sea. As for many other places in the region of Le Marche, you have beaches with clear water (Pesaro boasts about 5 miles of coasts) and you can also find some beautiful trails in uncontaminated nature. We recommend a visit to the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo, one of the most magnificent green lungs of central Italy.

Lamezia Terme
Calabria is one of the less popular regions in Italy, on account of its fewer beach facilities. But if we took a good look at its shape, it would be easy to notice how much of its area is on the sea, east to west. Lamezia Terme is right in the middle of the region, but only a handful of miles away from clear, beautiful waters. What to see? Calabria has a rich history; we particularly recommend the Norman-Swabian castle, St. Eufemia (the old town) and the Baths of Charon (thermal spa), for a totally deserved, super relaxing experience!

What we said about Sicily is worth for Apulia as well: spending one’s vacations here is a dream, especially for late bookers! If you love Apulia as much as we do, choose Trani. Need reasons? Here’s a few: the characteristic harbor, a cathedral by the sea, the Swabian castle built under Emperor Frederick II… Not to mention the beautiful beaches, with clear waters and a rich underwater fauna.

Sitting between Campania and Calabria, Basilicata has a plethora of undiscovered wonders. The best destination in the area is certainly Maratea, which also holds the most opportunities for things to do. In addition to the Statue of Christ (which resembles the one in Rio) overlooking the beautiful Lucania landscapes, we recommend the Vranne beach, a true paradise: you won’t believe your eyes!

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