Have you ever stumbled upon marvelous photos on your social networks that show entire walls covered in colorful ceramic tiles? We did, and that always made us want to hop on to the first flight to Seville, because that is where you will find those amazing walls. Seville is also the soul of Arab domination in Spain, and one of the Iberian peninsula’s most important ports. It is the provincial capital of Andalusia and one of the country’s most visited locations, among other things because it is very popular with young people, packed with sights, and cute places to dine in. Martina, one of our co-workers, spent last weekend there, and she was understandably bewitched by the marvels you see at every street corner. So, pay attention to the tips in our guide, organize the best trip you can have, and spend 48 amazing hours in Seville!


El Rinconcillo (Calle Gerona 40)
Are you ready to eat in one of Seville’s, and Spain’s, most ancient restaurants? We won’t take no for an answer! This little restaurant, founded in 1870, offers authentic local Seville fare, which includes dishes from the sea — such as their amazing spaghetti with tellina — and from the land, with amazing cutting boards of typical, local cold cuts. There is one thing we definitely recommend: don’t leave the restaurant without tasting Pata Negra, one of the most famous and prestigious types of jamón ibérico!

El Lobo Lopez (Calle Rosario 15)
No need to beat around the bush: what will strike you most when you walk in will be the furniture, the colorful floors, and the artistically unpolished walls. But there are other things that really matter, for instance, what will you eat there. The menu here is rather international, and it includes anything from sandwiches to fried chicken, as well as more elaborate avocado dishes, and revisited salads. Excellent value for money!

El Pintón (Calle Francos, 42)
Let’s imagine that you decide to visit Seville during the summer: be aware that if that’s what you do, dining al fresco will be basically compulsory. This restaurant is just what you need, with a very cute courtyard. Needless to say, it’s also a triumph of ceramic tiles all over the walls, matched by rather minimalist furniture. If you’re feeling peckish, you will enjoy light, seasonal meals here.

La terrazza dell’EME Catedral Hotel (Calle alemanes 27)
Having apéritif on a nice terrace is one of our things, we admit it, especially if said terrace has a view on a large portion of Seville’s city center. This is the ideal location for a sundowner, because the view is truly incredible.


Real Alcázar de Sevilla
This palace is absolutely worth the visit. It is a royal residence that was built around 1300, and which was, over the course of history, dominated by Arab muslims, Spaniards and it even shows few influences from the Italian Renaissance. This mix of connections was good for this structure, which got enriched more and more over time. The palace features numerous green areas and courtyards all over the place, good spots to relax and, why not, snap a few pictures, too.

The Cathedral and the Giralda tower
You’re not seriously thinking of skipping one of the world’s most famous churches, right? No, that is impossible. In this case, once again, several different influences from different countries made this Cathedral truly unique. The Giralda tower is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and it is a symbolic monument for the whole country.

Metropol Parasol
This modern structure, designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer, and only completed in 2011, made Andalusia very proud. It’s a wooden structure, placed in the most ancient part of town, and built on 3 levels: on the ground floor, you will find a museum featuring Roman ruins, while on the higher levels, among other things, you will find a restaurant.


Watch a flamenco show
Seville is truly full of surprises. Did you know that it is the city of flamenco, par excellence? We only recently found out, and we also discovered that one thing that is typical in the city is watching a flamenco show — called a tablao, in Seville — right before dinner. There are tons of places to watch flamenco, but we recommend going to El Gallo or to El Arenal. Have fun, olé!

Tapas tour
When you explore the city the whole day, you will definitely feel peckish at one point, but it will probably also be too early for dinner. So, here is what you can do: go to the districts of Triana or Santa Cruz, and try their typical tapas, every place has its own specialty. That way, on top of satiating your hunger, you will also discover some of the city’s typical dishes!

Boat ride around Plaza España
Plaza España is Seville’s most important square, and in our opinion, one of Spain’s most beautiful. Incredible colors, wide open spaces and a canal that crosses the square, with four bridges running across it.You can also go for a boat ride on this canal: get a little rowing boat, for the most traditional and romantic choice.

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