It’s Friday! Is there anything better than an awesome cocktail to drink with our friends tonight? Only an awesome cocktail…in The Blonde Salad style! For your night out, we ‘re telling you which are our 5 fave summer cocktails, tasty to drink and beautiful to see…and to post on Instagram of course! We just have a suggestion for you: drink…sorry, read this post only if you are not going to drive tonight!


Negroni rivisited

We’re in the middle of #negroniweek, 7 days dedicated all over the world to one of the most famous cocktail ever, the Negroni. Usually, Negroni is red: in the original recipe, in fact, we find 1/3 of gin,  1/3 of red vermuth and 1/3 of bitter Campari. To celebrate Negroni Week, here’s our fave recipe, with a girlish touch and an amazing violet shade. The secret? Butterfly Pea flower tea, a Vietnamese tea that is detoxing and antidepressant. That’s the ingredient that makes a Negroni even more perfect!



The post-modern Spritz

Want a Spritz tonight? If you’re in Milan, don’t miss the one by Carlo & Camilla in Segheria, the place to be if you want to taste a wonderful cocktail! Instead fo drinking the same old Spritz, that onestly we drank a thousand times, order a Spritz Never Dies, this new fantastic recipe with bergamot’s burbon, dragon fruit, burnt citrus liquor and decorated by this amazing Spritz ice ball. Are you sure you’ll resist the temptation to post this beauty on Instagram?


The passion fruit margarita

Summer means… exotic fruits! If we can use them as the ingredient of our fave cocktails, we’re ready to fly! A cocktail that we couldn’t avoid to put in our drink list is Margarita, that is amazing in summer with its tequila, lime and salt mix! Do you know what is perfect to spice up a classic Margarita? Passion fruit: we bet you’ll become addicted!


Moscow mule, the hottest drink of the season

Haven’t you tried a Moscow Mule, yet? If you’re a true cocktail addicted, it’s impossibile you didn’t taste the hottest drink of these latest years. Maybe it’s for the refreshing taste of vodka, ginger beer and lime, or maybe it’s for its fashionable copper cup: Moscow Mule, anyway, is the fave long drink for many of us. The coolest for the summer? The Hibiscus tea Moscow Mule. Do you know that Hibiscus is the best to fight toxins? If Moscow Mule is good and also healthy, do you need anything else?


The lemon posset Martini

Ah, the lemon posset. How many times did it save our digestion after a wow dinner? You need to know that a lemon posset Martini is the best to end a wonderful evening. The secret? Don’t buy your lemon posset at the supermarket, but ask a homemade one to your trusty ice cream maker. It takes a sip to make this drink the ultimate cocktail of the summer!

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