There’s a Disney princess in all of us. We bet you to say the opposite! Animated films heroins, sometimes, have been real model for us. Loyalty, devotion, courage…we loved all these aspects in each of them, that in all these years represented, in a fairy-tale way, women empowering.

It’s easy to resist the temptation to watch again and again their movies. Someone prefers the “old school”, considering as the true Disney princesses only the first, such as Snowhite, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. We loved them for their unconditional kindness, but we envied them a bit for their amazing beauty.

Eighties and Nineties Disney princesses are way more energetic, like The little mermaid Ariel that gives up everything for the man she loves, or Belle, that was finaly able to reveal the Beast’s heart. What about the entreprising Jasmine, courageous Mulan and heroic Pocahontas?

Of course we can’t forget about the latest Disney princesses, the “millennials” heroins, like the lively Rapunzel, brave like Merida and independent like Tiana. A bit of this and a bit of that make Elsa and Anna, Frozen‘s main characters, the most appreciated Disney princesses ever.

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