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Everyone probably wonders what the landscapes around them would look like when seen from above, from time to time. All things considered, looking at things from another perspective helps us appreciate all the things that seem unchanged when we look at them with our bare eyes, making us more aware of the beauty that surrounds us. This is why we decided to write a list of the most beautiful places you can admire from above, for a unique experience you will treasure all your life. So, buckle up, and get ready to take off!


ICELAND. Volcanic craters and white plains, as far as the eye can see. This is what Iceland, the land of fire and ice, looks like. If you are planning a trip to this untouched island, don’t miss the chance to see the landscapes where Game of Thrones and Oblivion were shot, from above! Tours all start at Reykjavik airport, from which you will reach the lunar landscapes outside the capital, such as the geothermal area near Seltun, and the famous, iconic Blue Lagoon. If you are adventurous, we recommend the south-eastern corner of the island, where you will see the snow-white beauty of the greatest glacier in Europe, the immense Vatnajökull. Rest assured… You will not see landscapes like this that easily ever again!

GRAND CANYON. From the ice cold beauty of the North, let’s move on to the dry heat of Arizona, to admire the rocky shades of the Grand Canyon. There are many tours you can choose from, but we recommend skipping the most touristy areas, and go take unusual photos of Lake Powell and of the Horseshoe Bend, the famous location where the Colorado river makes a sharp U-turn. Let the colors of the desert enchant you, and follow the stream of water that digs through these beautiful, mountainous gorges: if you decide to fly at sunset, you’ll definitely fall in love with the place!

NEW YORK. Could the Big Apple possibly be missing from our list? Of course not! Even though flying over Manhattan was forbidden after 9/11, you can still see the skyline of NYC from another special perspective. With the waters of the East or Hudson river beneath you, you will have the chance to see the City of Lights in its entirety, enjoying unforgettable views, and most of all, seeing the skyline from a different perspective from the one you’d have from the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock. This experience will make your stay in New York unique and spectacular!

LAKE MAGGIORE. Italy earned its Bel Paese nickname — beautiful country — for a reason! This time, we recommend going to the North, to admire the wonders of the Gardens of Europe, the area of the Maggiore and Orta lakes, beloved by aristocrats, from above. Feast your eyes on the charms of the Borromean Isles, the Castles of Cannero, of Stresa and Pella, and finish off this exciting ride with an aperitif on top of the Mottarone mountain, enjoying the 360 -degree view of the Monte Rosa and the Maritime Alps.

ZAMBIA. Looking for an altermnative to your usual, classic safari? Stepping onto a helicopter in Zambia might be your thing, then. Fly over giant baobab trees and make your way to the Zambesi river, from which you will enjoy the view of Victoria Falls, which are twice as high as the Niagara ones — over 400ft, or 128m! Keep going, and make your way to Long Island from there, trying to spot hippos, elephants and crocodiles in their natural environment. Finally, wrap up your tour by flying over the Mosi-oa-Tunya national park, to see majestic buffaloes, and admire the graceful movements of giraffes: an excellent way to imprint Africa on to your eyes and heart.

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