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cover lazyWhat comes to mind when you think of a lazy person? Someone who rather than go grocery shopping skips dinner instead, or someone that doesn’t wear a coat for over a year because they forgot to take it to the cleaners? Perhaps someone who knows that they should iron all their clothes, but there’s the latest Orange Is The New Black season to watch? Well, I’m one of them. And if it’s true that you should always try to correct your faults, it’s also true that to live a happy life you should know yourself, and there are many tricks for living better, especially if you’re in Milan. If you’re even just a little bit like me, well then you’ll love these 5 apps and websites that will make your lives so much easier.

1. Weygo. Let’s get ready to do the Saturday grocery shop? Perhaps after work? That’s definitely too difficult, at least for me who other than being lazy, lack my own means of transport, and furthermore I live on a pedestrianized street. So the solution is this site: delivery is available within two hours and costs just €3.50, and every week they have competitive offers that rival the big stores. I’m never skipping dinner again!

2. Mamaclean. Last winter I left my duvet in a bag for almost four months while promising myself that I would take it to the cleaners. This time I took the initiative to call the cleaners: they came over and took it away. They cleaned it and placed in a plastic packaging so that it takes up the minimum amount of space possible, and they did this all in a matter if three days. The bonus? They pick up and deliver to different places and their time slots are so flexible that it’s really easy to get organized and book an appointment.

3. Winelivery. Have you organized dinner at home with friends and at the last minute you realise that you finished the last bottle of wine, and you have no desire whatsoever to go to the nearest supermarket? No problem: this service allows you to order your favorite drink, which will be delivered straight to your house in 30 minutes. As the saying goes: “Drown your sorrows (or laziness) in alcohol”.

4. Foorban. Ok, so you have food at home, thanks to suggestion number one, but you do know that it will take some effort to cook it? There’s a solution for this as well: but not the standard food delivery that can be a bit of a wait (you’re hungry!) unless you want to go for the usual pizza. This app actually offers the home delivery of cooked gourmet food, using selected ingredients, within 20 minutes. Also perfect for when you forget to bring lunch to work (or more plausible, you didn’t feel like making it).

5. Ilmiosupereroe. Do you need a babysitter for an impromptu night out? A housemaid who will help you clean the house, a trainer that will peel you off the sofa and take you running, to exercise, or at least for a walk? Search this database of professionals who offer their skills by the hour (they’re all referenced by users) with no obligation to subscribe and better still they’ll come to your house.

The gem. iAmbrogio. My stomach is rumbling slightly. I want a croissant, but I don’t want to leave the house. I’m feeling sick and have run out of medicine. If you’ve always wanted a butler, know that now your dreams have finally become a reality with this app that offers 24-hour pick-up and delivery services for whatever you have to send or receive.

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