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So many days spent bent down on books, so many hours summarizing stuff to ourselves in front of a mirror, so many times you felt bad because your bestie was out, having fun in town, and you were at home, revising. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, really, and now, it’s over! The time has come, finally, you are about to graduate. After the initial excitement and confusion, the next dilemma will be how to appropriately celebrate this accomplishment. A trip is probably the best way to start. Some of us prefer the sea, some just want to relax: here we are, with 5 ideas to celebrate in the best way possible! 

Greece: sea and sunshine to get some new energy
One thing you will need after all these months studying is to recharge your batteries, which will probably got exhausted while you were writing your thesis. Clear water and sunshine will be of great help to find the energy you need, and go home with clearer ideas. Greece is just perfect in this case: its islands are among the most beautiful in the world, and there are so many to choose from. You will get a rest, and come back with a wonderful tan that will be the envy of all your friends!


Cairo, Egypt: culture first and foremost
A lot of people stay forever hungry for culture and art, also after they graduate, and they don’t think beach holidays are a very good idea. So, what better place than Cairo? Egypt seems a place so suspended in time! Giza is the place you can’t miss: 20kms away from the city, it’s the plateau that hosts the famous pyramids. Their tour guides are some of the best prepared in the world, and learning new things is always a good idea… Even after you are done with your studies!


New York: only good vibes
NY is the world capital of good vibes. The city is packed with young people, creative minds, and everyone is busy doing something cool. This trip in the heart of the US will definitely stimulate your creativity. Ready to try out the American Dream?


Patagonia, Argentina and Chile: face to face with nature
All this time studying, enclosed between four walls, may have made you lose touch with nature. This is why Patagonia,a land whose surface covers 900.000sq km, shared between Argentina and Chile, might just be the place for you. The biodiversity in this area is really incredible, and it will put you back in touch with Mother Nature in an instant. Breathing clean air will be good for your body, as well as for your mind. And, since it is a pretty expensive trip and you probably graduated with the best possible score, this seems like the perfect gift to get from your parents.


San Francisco: fun and inspiration
You are the new creative minds that are set to change the world, so this is the place for you! San Francisco is one of the most vibrant and productive cities in the entire state. Its mild weather and its attention to young talent make this Californian destination entirely unique. If you decide to visit, you can swim in the Ocean, enjoy the nightlife and get some inspiration for your next step. The city is world-famous as the biggest startup cradle… So, who knows, maybe you will have a stroke of genius, and meet an American investor, ready to pour some money into your project!


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