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Cafes are far from rare, especially in Italy, where coffee is a primary necessity, basically a social institution. Any cafe in Italy will make you a good espresso, still, some places double as coffee roasters, offering a taste of more coffee varieties on their premises. Have a look at our guide for your Italian-style break in these 5 coffee places around Milan!


Lavazza Flagship Store (Piazza San Fedele)
The flagship store of this famous Italian coffee brand just opened its doors in the heart of Milan’s city center. The shop’s concept is very interesting: the place doubles as a bistro and as coffee roaster’s. Coffee from all over the world gets delivered here daily, to be roasted in a machine you can see right in the cafe; patrons can taste different coffee varieties, but they can also buy Lavazza’s fine selections.

Orsonero Coffee (Via Giuseppe Broggi, 15)
Coffee lovers will feel totally pampered here by the relaxed, chill ambience of this place, and they will also be amazed by the amount of different coffee types the can choose from there. A drive to innovate and always discover new coffee blends are the two coolest characteristics of this place.

Hodeidah (Via Piero della Francesca, 8)
The best geography students among you may already know why this place is just perfect for coffee lovers: Hodeidah is a historical port city in Yemen that was famous for its coffee plantations. Hodeidah is possibly one of the most ancient coffee roasting companies in Milan: it was started in 1946 and it is still active today. This shop gets more and more interesting every year, choosing will be tough because of the crazy amounts of coffee varieties you can choose from!

Caffè Pascucci (Corso Europa, 22)
Italian tradition and an organic heart, Pascucci really cares about its coffee varieties being as organic as possible; their coffees all come from certified, organic-friendly coffee farms. Their Corso Europa shop also became a meeting point for people to get together, to taste all the different coffee varieties the shop offers.

Taglio (Via Vigevano, 10)
In the Navigli area, Taglio is famous for being the perfect lunch spot: have you ever tried their saffron risotto? Not everyone might be aware that this lovely place also offers multiple coffee varieties, prepared in many different ways. Our personal favorite is siphon coffee, an ancient and rather spectacular way to brew coffee, which involves a glass bulb and a hopper: steam will rise from the bulb into the hopper containing coffee, and will slowly drip back down into the bulb in the form of delicious coffee for your enjoyment.

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