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Paul Morand, a French 19th century writer, used to say that “traveling is like cheating, since you abandon your friends for strangers”. This sentence explains the sense of solo travel spot on: if traveling solo used to be seen as odd, it is now becoming a trend. Some do it after a breakup, others do it because it energizes them, and others choose solo travel because they really can’t stand having to compromise with other people’s wishes and desires. Traveling solo is good for your self-esteem and it frees your mind, it’s scientifically proven. And we say, better alone than in bad company. The choice is yours: in the meantime, we selected 5 excellent places to take yourself on a journey.

Norway, the safest country in the world
Very often, despite wanting to travel solo so badly, we are scared of finding ourselves in dangerous situations. It’s not always so safe to walk around a foreign city without any company… But in Norway, you can walk and be on your own anywhere, at any time of day. Norway is considered one of the safest countries in the world, and it is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates ever. So, grab your backpack, and get ready to be enchanted by amazing views — of course, you must go on a trip to the fjords. Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø are a must-see, mark them on your map!

Bali, between breathtaking horizons and thermal waters
Bali is probably one of the most nurturing places for your spirit and soul, especially if you are travelling solo. It is relaxed and quiet, everyone is respectful, the cost of living is super low, and having a beer at sunset will feel like total luxury. You can also rent a scooter, if you want to move around the island more easily, or choose a bicycle, you can take surfing classes, or perhaps get lost in nature, wandering around the rice paddies. We recommend stopping by in Ubud, one of the most locally famous thermal areas, as well as an excellent place to meet new people. You will come back from this trip feeling much younger!

Ireland, low-cost culture
If there is one country that is young people-friendly in Europe, it must be Ireland. You will find a ton of affordable bed & breakfast options here that make it very easy for young people to travel without breaking the bank; Dublin has a crazy amount of museums and it is so packed with culture that it makes other European capitals pale in comparison. Another thing we enjoy about solo travel? Being able to eat whenever and whatever we like: Ireland has lovely pubs and restaurants, and do we even need to mention beer? Really, if you are young, this is the place for you.

Costa Rica, feel at home
If you travel solo in Central America, you will probably meet people who are so welcoming that they will make you feel like you are part of their family. In addition to its amazing, generous people, Costa Rica in particular also features truly breathtaking nature: one of the must-see attractions is Poas, a volcano that is also one of the most popular natural sites in the country. Also stop by in San Jose, where temperatures stay mild during the winter, too. Just be aware you won’t get a lot of time to yourself in Costa Rica, you will end up travelling with others rather than solo 🙂

Amsterdam, your bike is your friend
Are you stuck living in a city in which pollution and stress are a constant? Run away from all that for a bit, and go to colorful Amsterdam. The first thing you should do is rent a bike, she will be your best friend for the rest of your trip. The entire city is always on the move on bikes, and you should be a part of this stream of bicycles, too. You won’t have to wait for anyone else, you won’t have to be patient with that friend who has to stop every 5 minutes, it will just be you and the wind playing with your hair. Just make sure you don’t lose your focus while admiring the beautiful canals, the colorful houses, the typical bars of the city and the culture, surrounding you everywhere: you don’t want to fall into a canal, right? If you are visiting in summer, make sure you pay a visit to Blijburg, an artificial beach, perfect for sunbathing and partying.

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