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When you’ve been with your partner for a while, and everything seems to be working more than fine, the idea of an important step like getting married is almost automatic. Who doesn’t dream of the perfect wedding, of a crazy dress, of a dreamlike location, of the people you love utterly moved by being there for the most important day of your life? We all do, but before we get to that, we also all need to propose. Proposing is not so easy, because you can get very emotional, first off, and secondly, because it’s no easy task to choose a good location for it. The idea is to surprise your beloved, and maybe try to be as original as possible. So, if you are in love, ready for this huge step, and desperately looking for the perfect spot to propose, follow our 5 tips, and you will definitely surprise him or her. Ready to kneel down?

At high altitude
“I will take you out for dinner tonight, my love.” That’s all you need to tell your significant other: only later will they find out that this is all about a romantic dinner, suspended 50m above ground. It’s called Dinner in the Sky and it’s an event that constantly changes location, which is why you should make sure you keep an eye on the calendar, and book seats in your favorite place — here is a link to the calendar. Proposing at high altitude will definitely give you an extra adrenaline kick.

Under the stars
What you have to do here is organise a trip to the Middle East, using the oldest archaeological excavations in the world as your excuse. After your fix of art, history and culture, keep the city of Petra as the last in your itinerary. During an excursion, wait for the evening and start walking towards the Siq, the path that leads to the ancient city of Petra, in southern Jordan — the path will be embellished by a myriad of candles for the occasion — and finish your walk at El Khasneh, the most spectacular building in the country. In this enchanted place, there is no artificial light that can ruin the atmosphere, only moonlight, to make your diamond ring shine even brighter… She, or he, won’t be able to say no. (LINK)

In the smallest restaurant in the world
You’re good organizers, but hate the idea of attracting everyone’s attention? Does the idea of kneeling down in public embarrass you to no end? No worries, we have a place for you. In Rieti, a small town a few kilometers away from Rome, there is a restaurant called Solo Per Due, housed within an old Roman villa: this place only has one table, and only accepts bookings for two people. This means no lines, no waiting and no turn taking: all the attention will be reserved to the two people in the restaurant. Can you think of a more intimate, romantic experience than this?

Say yes underwater
A trip to California will already be a good surprise, and if it ends with a proposal, it will be unique. Don’t think about sunsets on the water or about the Walk of Fame, what we have in store here tops all of that. Book a scuba diving session just a bit south of Santa Monica, and with the excuse of examining underwater life a little more closely, take out your ring: you will be fiances when you make your way back up to the surface.. So moving!

Like in a fairy tale
If you see your girlfriend as a princess, or your boyfriend as prince charming, why not treat them accordingly? If castles are banal, or mansions too costly, just take them to the fantastic world of Walt Disney in Florida. We aren’t talking about the theme park here, but about Cinderella’s private suite: everything about it makes us think of the story of the most beloved princess ever, and proposing in such an enchanted place will be like making a dream come true. And, considering the location, if you didn’t have time to buy a ring, you could also get a pair of slippers as a substitute!

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