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There are some save-the-dates that you should always be careful not to forget about, such as when Blue Flag beaches are announced for the upcoming summer! The Blue Flag certification, in fact, is only assigned to beaches with high environmental standards (which translates into clear water and pretty views). Europe dominates the top 6 positions, and thus establishes itself once again as the place to be for the summer. Find out which countries deserve the top 6 positions this year – and more importantly, if you’ve chosen your summer destinations wisely, write down the names of the beaches you must visit on your vacation! Here’s our favorite beach in each country. What say you, are you ready to book your next vacation?

6 – Portugal
Portugal came in sixth, confirming that its reputation as a surfing paradise with mega waves is not the only thing this country has got – its beaches are incredible, too. Our favorite is in the Algarve area: Praia da Rocha. The water is clear, the beach is huge (so you don’t risk sharing your personal space with a thousand other people) and there’s a lively nightlife with clubs and dancing for your enjoyment.

5 – Italy
Italy has been steadily climbing up the rankings, and in 2017 it’s finally conquered the top 5! For us, proud Italians, choosing the best beach in the country is just not something we can do – it’s like choosing your favorite sibling. So, for a completely unbiased tip, we are giving you the official spot recommended by Blue Flag in the region of Liguria, which this year obtained a high number of flags: Spotorno, with charming views the like of which can only be found in Italy!

4 – Turkey
No one returns disappointed from a vacation in Turkey. The Foundation for Environmental Education (who awards Blue Flags) definitely noticed and placed the country fourth in the rankings. The one beach you can’t miss in Turkey is Kaputas. The colors are astounding – they change every hour and will give you all the emotions.

3 – France
You didn’t think France was only good for a romantic getaway in Paris, did you? If you did, you need to have a good, stern talk with yourself, because France is ranked at a fully deserved third place in this list. Corsica has some heavenly beaches, some on the wilder side, some catering to the less adventurous. We recommend Palombaggia, with its white and fine sand.

2 – Greece
Every year, the two top positions are disputed between Greece and this year’s No. 1. Is there anybody left who doesn’t know that Greece and its thousand islands have the best and easiest-to-enjoy beaches in the world? In this case – and we totally mean it – we really can’t choose just one, but for the sake of our readers, if we really have to pick one, it has to be Cape Drastis on Corfu, with its coves and the bluest of waters.

1 – Spain
Pictures us surprised – Spain is the queen of the summer again! Everybody’s favorite summer destination has been ranking first for a few years now and boasts a huge number of Blue Flags awarded to its beaches. Spain is not limited to Barcelona, Ibiza, and Formentera, either: the country is dotted with the most wonderful beaches. If you really need a name, go to breathtaking Calò des Moro, on the island of Mallorca. You’ll thank us later.

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