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Some of us love them, some of us detest them, some of us are scared of them, and some of us will buy season passes every year. We are talking about the water parks that just about everyone seems to go to from June to September, never mind their age, or whether they are teenagers, or adults. In many cases, these parks are true purpose-built villages that are mostly designed to help survive the heat in the city. Some of them feature cafeterias, sunbathing and relax areas, others obviously feature water slides, in every possible size and height. We collected photos of our favorite 7 in the world in the gallery, spanning from Europe to the United Arab Emirates. We admit it, we just love water parks at TBS, and actually, maybe we should consider writing a “TBSCREWGOESTOWATERPARK” piece! What do you think?

Wild Wadi Waterpark, United Arab Emirates


(Pic Flickr Sarah_Ackerman)

 Tropical Islands, Germany



Yas Waterworld, United Arab Emirates


(Flickr Sarah_ Ackerman)

World Waterpark, Canada


(Pic credit)

Universal’s Volcano Bay, Florida



 Beach Park, Brazil


(Flickr Cadu Tavares)

Siam Park, Spain


 (Flickr Kirsi)



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