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I know you’ve been waiting for my next riddle. And here it is: everyone criticizes it, yet everyone has it. What is it? Well… We’re talking about the smart phone, of course! How many times have we heard people argue about what people do with their phone, discussing how many hours, minutes and seconds we spend in front of the screen? And every time, we end up trying to explain to these people that smartphones aren’t the devil’s work, like they seem to think, but that they are actually a tool that simplifies our life a little in a complicated world. Apps are great for this! They are always up to date, and they are always there to make your life easier in one click. Today, we decided to have a look at apps for art lovers. We were inspired by reading about Smartify, which works like Shazam, but for artwork. This is the good side of technology: it improves our lives, with just one download! So, dear art lover friends, here we are with 5 apps you must absolutely download, apps that are also ideal for those of us who don’t know a lot about art, but who would like to learn more about it.


Smartify It happens so often that we find ourselves looking at artwork, and feel like we would like to know more than just the name of the artist: we also would like to know more about how the artwork came to be, about the time during which it was created, and all the stories behind it. This is how we end up on Wikipedia, right? Now all you need is this app, which will scan the work in front of you, and find out everything you need to know about it. Amazing, right?

Wydr We all know about Grindr and Tinder, but Wydr is the dating app you need to download right now. Rather than introducing you to potential partners, Wydr introduces you to work by emerging, yet unknown artists. Tell the app if you like it, otherwise, just move on. Oh, and you can also buy the artwork if you like it! See now, buy now, as they say… 🙂

Finestra Yes, we might want to know as many details as possible, and discover who is behind each artwork… But what about listening to the artists discuss their artwork? That’s also not bad, right? Of course, this only works with contemporary artists who can record a voice message for anyone who is interested. The app also helps you imagine what your house would look like if you placed the work in question in there. If you like what you see, you will be able to buy it. Why not?

Arart Another fun idea: it breathes life into paintings, even the most famous. You’ll be able to see a still life bloom to life all of a sudden, or the Mona Lisa break into a smile. Arart offers an innovative, interesting way to look at a work of art, and perhaps notice little details you had missed beforehand. Learning while having fun is definitely the way to go!

Artlocal As you realised by going through the list, real art lovers have all sorts of tools at their disposal these days to have fun with art, learn about it and even get in touch with the artists. Artlocal is very useful for anyone who is somewhere new, in a city they don’t know for instance, and has no idea about where museums are, or what the most interesting exhibitions in town are. The app is active in the whole world and it’s always up to date.

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