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The weather in Paris is as unpredictable as Parisians are: you leave in the morning with perfect sunshine, and might be looking for shelter from a huge storm just a few hours later. Despite this, Paris is still one of the most incredible, beautiful cities in the world, it’s even beautiful under the rain, and there’s plenty of stuff to do indoors. So, what should you do if you’re in Paris on a romantic getaway, or perhaps visiting with friends or on a business trip, and suddenly find yourself right in the middle of a massive storm? Fear not, we have good places to go in this case, too!

Centre Pompidou Museum
This contemporary art museum is incredible, with our without the rain. The permanent collection is very big and even just the building deserves a visit, as it’s an architectural masterpiece. The museum also houses very interesting temporary exhibitions: the current one features Magritte, and it will be on until January 2017.

Paris Catacombs (1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy)
What if we told you that Paris is amazing on the surface, but even more charming underground? You got it: visiting the oldest ossuary in the world will be like stepping back by 300 years. You shouldn’t just visit to see the graves of famous people, but also to understand how a city like Paris was designed. It’s an absolute must-see — don’t forget to buy your tickets online to avoid lines!

Galerie Vivienne (6 rue Vivienne)
We always try to come up with peculiar, not-so-obvious tips for our guides. There is so much more to Paris than Galeries LaFayette, actually, there are plenty of galeries with lots of character. We picked passage Vivienne because of its liberty architecture style, and its unique atmosphere that takes you back to the Belle Époque… As well as for its beautiful bookshops, flower stores and fashion boutiques, of course. It’s an enchanted corner that will make you forget the bad weather out there… But not on Sundays, when it’s closed!

Aquarium de Paris (5 avenue Albert de Mun)
Our other tip is this incredible aquarium, hosting a great variety of fish coming from the Mediterranean and as far away as the Pacific Ocean. If you are lucky, you might even catch one of their sensational underwater shows. On Sundays, this aquarium even turns into a brunch spot!

Crazy Horse (12 Avenue George V)
Right in the city center, this place has been very famous for its unconventional, unique shows ever since it first opened its doors. Today it’s mostly about beautiful women doing very fun — and just the right amount of sexy — dance performances. Include a night here during your stay in the City of Lights, it will make your trip unforgettable.

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