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This goes out to those of you who feel anxious: we have something that will make them feel instantly more relaxed. Here is a question, how many times did you get into a panic before a first date? Imagine how hard it must be to be the one who actually has to make a plan for a first night out with the person you like. This is why we are here, to help you organize the kind of first date that will definitely lead to a second one! Dinners out are always good, and so are walks in the park, or having ice-cream in the city center, of course, but being original always pays off. Ready for an unforgettable night?

I challenge you because I like you too much

If you’re not into romantic dates, sweet words and cliche red roses, here is something for you. Surprise your partner, and challenge him, or her, instead. You could take them to drive go-karts for instance, and see who drives faster: the winner will decide what to do next. If you are adventurous, go play Paint Ball! Do you have a beautiful voice? Go to karaoke, and pay attention to the song they will pick for you!

Let’s have fun together!

Say goodbye to candle-lit dinners forever, a first date must be fun! Clearly, there are many ways to do this, but once again, we also want to be original. So, why not go to an amusement park? Go on a rollercoaster or ride a hollow trunk on a water ride: any experience in an amusement park will help you break the ice, and get to know each other a little better. At the end of the day, you can also ride the ever-romantic Ferris wheel: can you think of a better place for a first kiss?

A unique night out

How about an evening all about the unknown? Have you ever heard about The Escape Room? No worries, it’s nothing about sex, this is actually all about one hour of light-hearted fun. The Escape Room is a game in which a group of people get locked in a room with other participants, and they will have to use the objects they find in the room to solve a series of riddles, using logic and observation skills, all within 60 minutes tops! If you are lucky enough to be in New York City, go to Sleep No More. What is it? It’s a little hard to explain in a few words, but it is basically an interactive game in a spooky hotel. Once you go inside, it’s all a chain of improvised, incredibly unexpected events. This is definitely going to impress your date!

Culture matters

You probably want your partner to be smart, right? Then, be prepared, and try to show them you are on the same wavelength. Take your date to an exhibition, a nice concert, an event happening in town, or perhaps follow The Weeknd’s lead, who took his girlfriend Selena Gomez to Toronto aquarium to win her heart. Another idea could be to go on a trip to a national park, maybe one that hosts animals, too. Trust us on this: nature and baby animals are an unbeatable combination!

Fit body, fit mind 

Are you fitness fans? Well, wouldn’t it be great if your partner shared your passion? In that case, going to sweat together would be ideal: one plan that blends fun and physical activity is going to the Color Run, the worldwide event that happens in all continents. It’s a sort of marathon during which, while running together, you throw balloons full of paint at one another. It will be unforgettable, and another thing you can be sure of is that if your date calls you again, after seeing you dirty and sweaty… You can be sure they are the one!

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