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“Museums are boring!” How many times did we have to hear these words? Museums come in different shapes and sizes, though, and we bet you’ll also find one that you like: we made a list of the coolest food museums in the world, which are not only very interesting, they are also educational, and they will give you the chance to better discover the tradition of the country you’re visiting. While we wait for the opening of the Tiramisù museum in Treviso, Italy, here are 7 places you can visit until then.


Tiramisù Museum, Treviso, Italy
This museum has been the talk of town and finally something is actually happening, in this corner of Northern Italy. Treviso will host a permanent exhibition about tiramisù soon, and those who love this dish will be able to discover all about the past and the future of this sweet. Can I eat a tiramisù model, if I suddenly get hungry?

French Fries Museum – Frietmuseum – Bruges, Belgium
If paradise really exists, we are pretty sure it’s shaped like a French fry. And if it isn’t, luckily you can visit this museum in Belgium, where fries are truly revered. This exhibition space is dedicated to the story of potatoes and French fry production in Belgium, and it is hosted in one of Bruges’ most beautiful buildings.

Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany
Germany’s national pride is so strong that it even dedicated a whole museum to the most famous of its traditional sausages, Currywurst. Go there to discover more about the history of wurst, and to check out their sausage-inspired furniture!

Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum – Yokohama, Japan
Ramen lovers, get ready because this Japanese museum will shake you to the core. The museum visit will involve all your senses, and it’s all about the typical piping hot noodle soup you see everywhere in the country.

Momofuku Ando Instant Noodles Museum – Yokohama, Japan
Stay in Yokohama a little longer: Japan has a lot of traditions to dedicate museums to, in the land of the Rising Sun, so here is another museum for foodies who would like to get to know more about Japanese people. This museum is all about noodles!

Cheese Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands
This will be no news to cheese lovers: the Netherlands have a large amount of cheeses with a unique flavour, and every town has a typical kind of cheese, with a certain taste and texture, such as Gouda, Edam, Leerdammer, Leydon, Maaslander, Maasdam, for instance. You’ll find them all in this museum!

Olive Oil Museum – Sparta, Greece
Everyone can be proud about something different, and for Greeks, it’s olive oil. This museum will give you the chance to discover the history of olive trees, and of olive oil production in Greece.

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