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Guys, this is great news!!! What are we on about, you ask? Well, there are great news regarding InterRail, the ultra-famous European train ticket, available for all European residents, that buys you unlimited travel on the continent’s railways. From this year on, it is also available for anyone over 21, plus, the option to buy the ticket was also extended to families. Furthermore, the pre-sales have been extended from 3 months in advance to 11, with the chance to book first class too: if you buy your pass by December 31, you will get a 15% discount. We are very excited about these changes at TBS, and we are already coming up with itinerary ideas: the first on the list? Spain to Italy, which includes two of the most popular destinations for young people, and which can be done in three ways.


Barcelona-Milan: this is the quickest way to make the trip, which lets you get to Milan, Italy, by crossing the wonderful coasts of southern France. During your trip, you can make two stops: one in Valenza and the other one in Chambéry, both beautiful locations that you can visit before you get to the Bel Paese.

Barcelona-Ventimiglia: this is perfect for those who are not in a rush and want to reach the Italian coasts via the panoramic route, visiting a few French towns on the way, where the train stops. You will be able to visit beautiful places like Nice and Marseille, before getting to the Liguria coast.

Barcelona-Civitavecchia: don’t think you have to go the long way around all of France and Italy! Your Interrail ticket will give you an exclusive 20% discount on all Grimaldi Lines passenger ferries. The discounted tickets range from 20€ in low season to 44€ in high season. Once you are in Civitavecchia, getting to Rome will be a piece of cake, and then Italy will be there, waiting to be discovered!

Visit the official website interrail.eu for more information.

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