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Easter holidays really matter, no matter whether you are religious or not, because they mark the start of the season for spring getaways, when fair weather makes us feel like enjoying some travelling again. Haven’t booked anything yet? No worries, we have 5 suggestions for a last-minute trip, and good reasons why you should visit each place.

Paris and fashion “showing off”
A trip to Paris tops the list for us at most times of the year, but this spring, there is an extra reason to go and get bewitched by French charm: one of the most awaited exhibitions right now just opened in the City of Lights, “Balenciaga: L’Oeuvre au Noir“. At the Bourdelle museum until 2017, it will tell you about the life and work of this Spanish designer who loved the French capital so much.

Oslo, between festivals and fjords
If you like metal music, or would like to discover it, April is the right time to go to Oslo. Inferno Metal, among the most famous metal music festivals, is taking place this month in the Norwegian capital. Also, be aware that we will not allow you to leave Norway without having gone on a fjord tour, you can go do that with small cruises that include a guide.

Palermo, capital of culture
If there is one place you have to go to this year, that is Palermo, Italian capital of culture for 2018: we suggest using your Easter holidays to admire the beauty of this Sicilian gem, before the masses of tourists arrive next year. As is the case in a lot of southern Italy, April is usually already warm enough to go to the beach, and enjoy some sunshine — unless the weather suddenly goes crazy, of course. During the Easter holidays, Palermo hosts events all around town, such as folk events, countryside festivals and processions, traditional events that are always interesting for a visitor. Since we are talking about culture, we also would like to recommend a free exhibition at the International Marionette Museum, which will showcase the close ties between Sicily and Andalucia, both regions which greatly care about the conservation of popular traditions.


London: Easter with Harry Potter
Stop right there everyone, there are great news! The Warner Bros Studio in London just inaugurated an exceptional tour for Harry Potter lovers. On this wonderful tour, you will get the chance to visit the film sets where the movies were shot, including the Great Hall, Albus Dumbledore’s office and Diagon Alley. You will also be able to board the original Hogwarts Express, drink butterbeer, and so much more, you will wonder why you didn’t book earlier!

Amsterdam, blooming tulips and good music
This is the time of the year Amsterdam looks even more beautiful than usual. This year we are especially lucky, because Easter is on at the same time as the blooming of flowers, especially the city’s magnificent tulips. This is really an event you can’t miss, so just organize a trip to Keukenhof, the largest garden in the world, or perhaps go to the Hortus Botanicus and the Tulip Museum. And that is not all: around Easter, the Dutch capital is hosting Awakenings, one of the most famous techno music festivals in the world, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Too many coincidences not to come spend your Easter here!


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