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ggg3, 2, 1: it’s bicycle season, finally! Yes, because after an early Spring that was quite mediocre, weather-wise, sunshine is back, and the temperatures are just right for a lovely ride on two wheels. Whether you are generally bicycle lovers or not, have you ever cycled around Milan? It’s a peculiar experience you should try at least once! Actually, bicycle culture has good, solid roots in Milan, despite the urban chaos: it’s actually rooted enough for bike-friendly cafes to be now open in town, for those who don’t like to separate from their ride, following a trend that started in the Nordic countries. Sometimes it’s just a location for bike lovers to share their passion, but more often, it’s a place to have a break, and a drink, or a coffee, in good company. Bike cafes even often offer special seasonal menus to welcome Spring! We selected 5 bike-friendly places that we particularly love: we would definitely say you can’t skip a pit-stop here, if you’re out on your bike!
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Ciclosfuso (Via Vigevano 43)
This bar has been open for only a year. It was opened by two guys who wanted to work with what they’re passionate about, and Ciclofuso reflects just that: their passion for bicycles, and their passion for wine. You can enjoy a fine wine or a centrifugal juice while kicking back during your break from cycling , and if you like, you can also try out the locally produced cheese and cold cuts. We recommend their completely revamped Sunday menu!

Upcycle (Via Ampere 59)
This is definitely one of the best places for socializing, thanks to the big, shared tables at the sides of the main room. While it originally opened for cyclists, it actually became a reference point for a lot of the young crowd in Milan, and not only. Every season, the bar features great events, and live music. It’s perfect for lunch, dinner, and after-dinner drinks.

Cascina Cuccagna (Via Privata Cuccagna, 2)
We mostly recommend this for days of good weather, so that you can fully enjoy their open areas. Their dinner menu is usually light on the stomach, and vegan-friendly: it will be the perfect compromise between pleasure and physical activity — the cycling — that actually took you here. The al fresco drinking will relax you and energize you just enough for you to hop back onto your saddle, and keep going.

Le Biciclette (Via Giovanni Battista Torti, 2)
The ambiance here is magical and unique: this bar was built on the space of a former, old bicycle workshop. The main attraction here is aperitivo, with its perfectly mixed drinks and a food buffet that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. The background music and low lighting also make this place ideal for a romantic dinner.

Bianchi Cafè & Cycles (Via Felice Cavallotti 8)
We all had a Bianchi bicycle as kids, didn’t we? They made us feel safe even as total beginners. And this bike cafè — intimately connected to this brand — is located in the heart of Milan, near the Cathedral. It’s open from breakfast time to dinner time. It offers very refined cuisine, and features glass windows overlooking the kitchen, so you can try to sneak a look, and steal some of the cook’s secrets. If you’re in a rush, just go for the salmon focaccia: it’s definitely delicious!

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