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Oh March, we were expecting you, you have no idea how much! Ladies and gentlemen, the month of rebirth is here: our desire for outdoor time is blooming, at the same time as nature, to get out of our winter hibernation. And with spring approaching, one of the activities we want to do the most is enjoy good music, maybe in a large park. And what makes that all possible, if not good old music festivals, of course? There are so many all over the world, most of them after March: some of these festivals are truly incredible, motivating thousands of people to get traveling. It’s not just about Coachella, Burning Man or Glastonbury: this time, we would like to introduce you to lesser known festivals that are just as fun as the famous ones! Follow or guide, and get ready to break your piggy bank: it’s time to party!

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    What about the Vieilles Charrues in France ? 🙂

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    Uh, you forgot one of the best worldwide known festivals: Tomorrowland @ Boom, Belgium! 💕

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  • Music festivals are where I like to spend my money… I’m the person thinking about where should I go, should I get VIP etc etc and then when tickets are open for purchase… BOOM I’m the first! I’m lucky enough that in Toronto there are at least 3/4 festivals every summer right in the city, and then probably another 6 within a drive away. So many possibilities and artists- so little time! (and money)


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