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Ring ring... It’s not just your alarm, sadly… It’s the sound of the school bell, reminding you that it is official, the school year has started again! It is mid-September already, so you can say goodbye to breakfast at 11, forget spending your days out in the sun, kiss your sunsets at the beach goodbye… You’ll have to wait for next year for all that: now is the time to rise, shine and go back to school. Don’t be sad, and don’t get anxious, though, we have all the tips you need to survive the shock of the new year! Just follow them, and let us know if they were helpful.

– Peel yourselves off the couch, and go sign up for the closest gym.
Staying in will just make it worse. Do a lot of cardio — run on the treadmill, cycle, hit the stepper — or, even better, try new activities, like we did, and challenge yourself with unconventional sports. Hitting the gym is the best way to get rid of any tension you might be experiencing because of the new school year.

– Crazy shopping and new outfits

Ok, get your wallets out: you need to completely revamp the contents of your closet. Call your best friend and go to your favorite stores, choose the looks that make you feel most comfortable and wear them at school… And let your classmates know Who Run The World!

– Dance and have fun 2.0
The start of the school year is also the time our favorite bars open again: so, if on the one hand it is hard to go back to a more hectic life, with the sun setting earlier and earlier outside, on the other hand you can be happy about a new season starting on the dancefloor. What you can do, then, if you haven’t already, is download apps that will always keep you up to date as to what’s going on in town. If you need any tips, here is ours: we love Xceed, because it also lets you jump the queue and save money on your ticket!

– Stationery is everything
Trust us: going shopping at the stationery store can be very satisfactory: having new calendars, notebooks, pens and highlighters will definitely make you feel better. I wouldn’t know why, but it always felt that way for me. You will be very eager to use them, and this will make you happier to go to school. (Genius idea, right?)

– Focus on the next holidays: Christmas is around the corner
Okay, we are also out of ideas now, actually! So, the last thing we can tell you is to think about the next holiday. It’s only 90 days away, you can do it!

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