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When we think about our summer vacations, we think of ourselves as tanned, relaxed, and most importantly, always ready to party! With our alarms set on ‘off”, we’re free to party into the wee hours. I don’t know about you, but for me perfection is a resort where I can spend the day laying in the sun, which by the time happy hour rolls about basically turn into a club, the sand the hottest dancefloor of the summer. Well, Italian resorts are working on that and they are in the process of “outcooling” European destinations. Looking for beautiful beaches and fun? Have a look at our favorite Italian beach bars, have fun, and make this summer an unforgettable one!

There’s a beach bar in Tuscany that can teach one or two things to the rest of country. Sunset Cafè knows how to party, and it shows when the sun goes down and the music goes up! The scenery in incredible, and between enjoying your drinks on colored cushions and breaking your moves on the dancefloor, you’ll have a great time. Sunset Cafè is open every day from 7 pm to 3 am.

Phi Beach
Could the wildest island of the country be missing from our list? Of course not, so here is Phi Beach in Olbia-Tempio (on the Costa Smeralda), and the hordes of young people taking it by storm every night. Phi Beach can be reached by car, by boat, or, if you can afford it, with a helicopter ride, too. You just have to come if you want your summer to be trendy!

Who doesn’t know the parties at Samsara’s? We recommend its Gallipoli venue, which is well known by anyone in southern Italy and beyond. You can enjoy the fabulous Apulia sea, and when the sun goes down, refresh youself with a drink and meet new people.

Beky Bay
The Romagna Riviera always gives us emotions, and in this case vibrations. Honestly, this shoreline is considered one of the most hottest in all of Italy, and choosing a single resort has been quite a difficult decision. Beky Bay is located in Bellaria and collects a lot of young people every summer, even because almost every evening you can find a themed party. From rock-indie music to the house and techno.

Singita Miracle Beach
Not too far from Rome, in Fregene, Singita has something for everybody. In the am, you can lay in the sun and relax all you want; in the afternoon, this beach transforms and turns into a a sunset bar with a floor of white linen on the sand. In this suggestive scenery, the Sunset Rite is celebrated every night; an Indian boy clad in white rings the gong, which resounds as then sun sinks into the water. The end of the day is greeted with an applause, and a magic night begins. If this doesn’t make you want to go to Singita now, we don’t know what will!

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