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Street food is an art, and it’s becoming easier and easier to find throughout Italy, winning more and more fans: this quick, convenient and useful way to serve traditional Italian dishes is more popular than ever, even among the most skeptical of us. We talked about street food in Milan multiple times on The Blonde Salad, so this time, we are going to share some tips about our favorite places in Rome, where street food has been a thing for a while.
So, write down the location of these 5 places and… bon appetit!


1. Dar Ciriola (Via Pausania, 2)
If you don’t speak Italian — or Roman, actually! — you probably have no idea what a ciriola is: and that is a pity, because it’s one of Rome’s most beloved snacks! So, what is it exactly, then? Well, it’s a kind of panino, and if you go to Dar Ciriola, you can get creative, and make all sorts of panini, stuffed with anything you want!

2. Trapizzino (Piazzale Ponte Milvio)
Next! Now it’s all about trapizzino, a bland of tramezzini (triangular sandwiches, made with soft white bread) and pizza dough. Once again, the only rule is to put as much stuff into your sandwich as you wish, to your heart’s desire. The cool thing is, you will be able to choose your filling from truly Roman fare here: tripe, coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew), and caponata (cooked vegetable salad.) Yuuuuum!

3. Er Buchetto (Via del Viminale, 2)
Don’t even think of leaving Rome without trying their typical panino with porchetta (boneless pork roast)! You just can’t do that. This typical Italian osteria is the perfect place to try this: enjoy it while sitting at one of their tables, having your sandwich with a glass of red.

4. Dar Filettaro (Largo dei Librai, 88)
Dar this, Er that… All of these places’ names are in Roman dialect, and that might be the reason why they seem to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you walk in. It’s definitely a feeling you’ll get when you walk into this trattoria, which specializes in excellent fried cod fillets — the perfect street food, to take away and enjoy while you stroll around the city!

5. Dar Maritozzaro (via Ettore Rolli, 50)
After all these savoury snacks, don’t you suddenly feel like you want a sweet? Well, then, that means you are ready for a maritozzo, a large croissant filled with whipped cream. And get ready, these guys serve extra large portions!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
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