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You know the typical American breakfast, with pancakes and maple syrup? Well, if you’re in Italy, and you happen to be in Milan, now you’ll find it here, too! There are more and more places popping up in town that make delicious pancakes — here are our 5 favorites: you’ll really feel like you’re in New York City! 


Macha Café (viale Crispi, 15)
Do you love matcha, the magical powder green tea? Then this place will be your personal paradise: from today on, you can have matcha pancakes here. We’re rushing off to try them, wanna join us?

That’s Bakery (via Vigevano, 41)
Their website warns potential customers to watch out, because they might get hooked with the first bite: now, go and find out whether it’s true!

Les Pommes (Via Pastrengo, 7)
A very well known restaurant in the Isola district turns into an excellent brunch spot every Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss their savoury pancake with prosciutto cotto and Parmesan fondue, served with grilled corn and baked potatoes. Yuuuuum!

Ostello Bello (Via Medici, 4)
All our pancake spots are very affordable, and Ostello Bello is the most affordable of all. You’ll be welcomed by a very young, informal environment and an abundant, tasty breakfast. And yes, pancakes are among the best dishes available in this lovely place!

California Bakery (6 sedi, scegliamo Corso Garibaldi)
I know you’re thinking “well, of course this is a suggestion, it is even named after the state of California…” And well, yes, we know. The tasty pancakes you can find in this franchise come in 9 different types you can enjoy in 6 different locations in Milan. Try their wholewheat pancake, and let us know!

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8 Responses to “5 places where you can have pancake in Milan… And suddenly feel like you are in New York City!”

  • OGM!! Looks amazing. I’m flying to Milan soon, definitely will try some of these. I just think that there is no reason to feel like you’re in NYC, bc Milan is an amazing, cozy and elegant city. And there is no better ice-cream than the Italian one to eat with pancakes 🥞 ☺️☺️💗💗 thanks for the tips

    Reply to Vicky
      • TBS CREW

        Thank you Vicky for your comment and keep checking our daily posts, we’ll talk a lot about Milan 🙂

        Reply to TBS CREW

    Effettivamente quelli del California Bakery sono davvero soffici e buonissimi!

    Reply to Alice
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