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When talking about food, if we were thinking of New York, but also of the US in general, we would immediately picture a nice hamburger, one of those giant ones with sauces flowing out as waterfalls, or a classic $1 hotdog bought at a street stand. But there’s another delight for foodies and healthy-food-enthusiasts: avocado toast! Good and with a significant vitamin content, this sandwich has become one of TBS Crew’s favorite dishes. And let’s admit, it is often so well presented that it makes you want you to photograph it :). Here are 6 spots where to eat the best avocado toast in New York.

Buvette (42 Grove Street, West Village). As we well know, the atmosphere often defines the restaurant. Well, here the décor is not exactly what you would expect from the Big Apple, but it will win you over. You’ll find yourself in a Parisian restaurant, as if you were in Montmartre instead of Manhattan. But, trust us, the avocado toast served for breakfast is super New York!

Café Gitane (242 Mott Street). If you want to have breakfast among celebs, this is the right place for you. Actors and entertainment stars come here to eat their avocado toast served with lemon juice, olive oil and wheat bread. Eat it like they do, and if you’re brave, try adding some hot sauce.

The Butcher’s Daughter (19 Kenmare Street). Thi is mostly a Juice Bar, but avocado is one of the king ingredients on their menu. Here, you can also customize your toast adding special ingredients, like coriander, curry or mustard.

Little Collins (667 Lexington Avenue). From morning to lunch, this lovely restaurant offers you the chance of eating excellent avocado toasts. Our favorite is “The Smash”: avocado, feta, spicy pepper flakes e and pumpkin seeds. Yummy!

Joseph Leonard (170 Waverly Pl). Imagine of entering a place with a classic Far West bar counter and then find out that, behind it, there’s also an enchanted corner featuring vintage frames, chairs and tables. Here, their avocado toast with eggs on the side will have a whole different flavor.

Jack’s Wife Freda (224 Lafayette Street). Their avocado toast has a Mediterranean taste; homemade bread, julienne of carrots, tomato purée as Arab spices. Is your mouth watering yet?

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