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After a small break from our riddles, here we are with a new one. It’s the best possible remedy against depression, but it is not medication. So, what is it? This is an easy one… It’s chocolate, of course! No matter in what form it comes, from chocolate bars to hot chocolate you can drink, as ice cream or as a spread for your bread, the effect is always the same: chocolate completely kills off any bad moods. Thanks to its multiple properties, chocolate became the central element to a lot of places that recently opened up worldwide, and let us tell you something more: these places even became tourist attractions.

Here is a piece of mouthwatering news that made everyone happy, even those of us who don’t usually like desserts so much (yes, there are odd people like that, I know) The first ever Nutella-dedicated restaurant opened in Chicago last May, to share the love for the hazelnut spread that steals everyone’s heart — and tastebuds.

So, dear friends, Chicago will have its own little Eden on Earth, but don’t despair if you’re very far from it: we collected 7 destinations for you to go and have the best chocolate in the world… Read the list carefully, because one of these places might be very close to you, or in the city where you planned to have your next trip!

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