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DA OTTOIf, when opening your closet all you see is floral blouses and dresses, if there’s always a scented bunch of flowers at your house and your favorite season happens to be the Spring, then Milan is your Eden. Yes, because cafes, bistrot and restaurants where flowers are the protagonists keep blooming and make us feel like we’re in a  flowery garden even if the the outside temperature is definitely low! Waiting for the warm season, here are our 5 favorite green cafes in Milan. 🙂

In Milan’s Chinatown cultural contamination is expressed in new spaces of Northern European taste. In via Paolo Sarpi 10, this relaxed and tidy location welcomes us with a home atmosphere featuring formica chairs and tables that recall old school desks, a menu that offers sliced bread accompanied by tasty and unusual combinations and by a blooming green wall with vases and plants of every size! Great for lunch, breakfast or a sneak, this place is the ideal spot for an informal meeting or to work as freelance.

The place to be in town. Not too far from Porta Romana, this welcoming house filled with flowers was inaugurated a few months ago and it’s the place where wellness and smelling symphonies seamlessly combine with the food. The contemporary environment, featuring geometric furniture and colorful bouquets and vases of tulips, represent the perfect background for a first date that will make any encounter special.

A lovely bistro in the Porta Venezia district that reminds us of a secret garden featuring wrought iron tables and outdoor furniture. Both cafe and shop, this place represents the ideal spot for a detox moment. The plan? A tea with your best friend + an arrangement to take home with you for a little flower therapy after the office!

From breakfast to drinks; this brand new cafe will be able to reactivate your senses and free your mind. A little oasis of passions and travel stories that interestingly inspires the decor through carefully selected table ceramics and accessories by the hands of the owners from Northern Europe to Morocco and all for sale.

A historic institution. Not just for the distinctive location of a flower shop, but mostly for its discreet and intimate charm. This is the ideal place to find your wellbeing leaving any type of city stress outside the door, to enjoy a coffee, a drink or light lunch and of course also a vase of fresh and sophisticated flowers.

Testo e selezione di Elena Di Marco


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