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There is one rule: the food must be delicious. But if you find a place that pleases the eyes just as much as it does the palate, then it’s double the fun, right? In Milan, the new restaurants and bars opening recently are all both tasty and beautiful… Instagram perfect! If you feel like treating yourself (and your account), these new spots are what you’re looking for. Breakfast to dinner – are you ready to shoot?

BREAKFAST: LùBar (via Palestro 16, inside the GAM– Galleria d’Arte Moderna). We had breakfast here (read our TBS Taste report!) and we enjoyed their bread with a zillion different jams: is there a better way to start your day? The location is oh so pretty: a sort of greenhouse filled with plants, which will make waking up much less of a trauma.

LUNCH: Soulgreen (piazzale Principessa Clotilde). Vegetarians and vegans, this one’s for you! No animal-based ingredients on the menu, flours are gluten-free only and the kitchen is fully ayurvedic. But this doesn’t mean that taste is sacrificed: the recipes, which are all plant-based, are delicious and super colorful. They are just perfect to hunt those likes. The decor is also beautiful: furbished with natural materials, pastel colors and, needless to say, a lot of green. Shoot away!

DINNER: Dabass (via Piacenza 13). It’s barely opened its doors and it’s already taken Instagram by storm, with its English china, the velvet-covered armchairs, and the typical Milanese geometric tiles from the Sixties. The menu changes on a daily basis depending on seasonality and availability of products at the market: the tasting menu includes four courses.

AFTER DINNER: The Spirit (via Piacenza 15). This place, refurbished by Juan Carlos Viso, is hidden behind a black doorway with metal bosses and three round windows through which to peek inside. The decor is all about velvet and wood, which create a magical environment. This theme is pushed further by the wine menu, where every drink owes its name to a myth or legend related to the ingredients of the cocktail, crafted by the talented bartenders.

The Blonde Salad team owns all the rights on LùBar’s pics, the other pics come from the IG accounts of the mentioned places.

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