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A new week means new suggestions — and about what else but aperitif? It’s one of our favorite things, after all! Last week we gave you our insider tips for where to go for a drink under 10 euro. Today, we are going to suggest a few luxury options instead: prices will be higher, but in this case, you will also be buying an experience! Trust us, it’s worth it, sometimes.

Bulgari Hotel (Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 7b)
When you feel like a quality, classy aperitif, Bulgari is always a good place to go The location is refined and every single detail is taken care of, and their drinks are astonishing. The mixologists here are some of the best in central Milan! Our cocktail tip? Their seasonal cocktail, mixed by their bartenders in a different way every season. We at TBS often go there with Chiara, to spend some time together in a place with just the right atmosphere.

Café Trussardi (Piazza della Scala 5)
Cafe Trussardi is tucked away behind one of the world’s most prestigious theaters. Whether you are in the area to go watch a play, or you are just spending some time in the city center, this place is definitely a good spot for an exclusive aperitif, made in Italy. Everything is exquisite here, from the wonderfully mixed cocktails, to their delicious canapés. It’s so good you might be tempted to have dinner, here, too… And that would be a great choice!

Ceresio 7 (Via Ceresio 7)
This place is always magical, in summer and in wintertime. Thanks to their specially trained bartenders, their drinks have an American flavor. Ceresio 7 belongs the brothers who founded Dsquared2, and they made sure not to forget to also add some Italian flair to their bar: this is visible in the interiors, and in the beautiful view that lets patrons appreciate the marvels of Milan. It’s good for a night out with friends, as well as for a romantic date!

Armani Nobu (Via Gastone Pisoni)
We must say, Nobu is a guarantee. This famous restaurant offers a truly unique experience, which will make you want to go back very soon after your visit. They have a large variety of drinks, but the highlight at Nobu is in the buffet: sushi and Japanese dishes, to be savored with your favourite cocktails. You should definitely try it at least once in your life.

Sheraton Diana Majestic (Viale Piave, 42)
Their location, in an inner courtyard, with a small garden and an artificial lake, makes the aperitif at Diana just unique. It’s an excellent choice despite the high price: their buffet is truly rich, possibly the most generous on our list today, the ambience is refined but still popular with young people, who are there to try their classic aperitif. The area is one of the easiest to reach in town, which makes it even better. No excuses, all you have to do is try it!

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