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London is a tea capital, we all agree on that… But have you ever had brunch there? If you haven’t, you really need to change that. We made a list with our insider friends and tried to come up with the best bars and restaurants that offer brunch options in the English capital. Our tip: visit London in the weekend if you can, so you can discover their awesome flea markets. So, here is our brunch selection. All that is left for you to do is sit down and… eat!


Morty and Bob’s (11-25 Westgate Street)
This is one of the best locations in central London — we mean it: beautiful wooden interiors, and a terrace overlooking the city. And how about brunch? Well… Brunch is amazing, guys! We recommend avo toast with egg and crispy bacon.

Barber and Parlour (64-66 Redchurch Stree)
From the outside, this location looks like just another former factory, but you will change your mind the moment you walk in. It’s not just a wonderful lunch spot offering beautiful salads: you will also find a barber there, and a beauty salon for the ladies. Incredible!

Cream (31 New Inn Yard)
Cream is basically an open space with a huge hall that takes you directly into the restaurant. This place is also completely informal, with long wooden tables. Our favorite dish here was smoked trout with beetroot and feta.

Hoi Polloi (100 Shoreditch High Street)
You would never expect a cafe making such awesome brunch inside a hotel. Even though the ambience is a little formal, you will never feel uncomfortable, and the brunch menu is available the entire day. Stop by at the flower shop right next to the bar on your way out!

Lowry and Bakery (339 Portobello Road)
Could we possibly not include a bar located in the most romantic and chic area of London? This little place is in the center of Notting Hill, and serves an exquisite brunch. We love it for its location, near Portobello market, its furniture, and wonderfully designed plates and cutlery.

Albion (2-4 Boundary Street)
You’ll love it right when you walk in. Everything will feel wholesome and clean: from the vegetables outside, to the bakery baking right before your eyes. This place is ideal to get away from the madding tourist crowds. If you can, come back here for breakfast.

Franze and Evans (101 Redchurch St)
Close to famous Brick Lane, you will find this well known bar/restaurant that happens to be a local favorite, too. We absolutely loved its light, healthy menu, and the beautifully furnished interior.

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