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Let’s be honest, the fashion show merry-go-round might be fun and indeed very useful for industry insiders, but can we really spill the beans now? It’s also very tiring! Running around town the whole day, sometimes into the wee hours, because shows can finish pretty late at times, is not only tiring for our legs, but also for our stomachs! Picture this: it’s 11pm, you just got out of your last show, and you’re hungry: where can you go? Milan is not so well prepared for late-night dining, especially in comparison with other European cities, but we still managed to make a good list of 6 locations to stave off hunger at night.

Osteria con Vista (Milan Triennale Museum)
Have you spent all your energies trying to figure out next season’s trend? Then you definitely deserve to take a moment for yourself at the end of the day, to get over the fashion stress. The best spot to do that is at the Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con vista: you can dine there after 11PM with the Fuori Orario (Afterhour) menu, which is available until 1AM and includes anything from simple spaghetti with tomato sauce to Fassona’s tartare.

Bello & Buono (Viale Sabotino 14)
Hands up if you never craved pizza at 1AM! I see no hands there… What a surprise, this might be the most common form of night munchies! Fear not, this little Neapolitan style restaurant is there to satisfy your pizza needs with the good stuff. And it’s not just about pizza, you can also enjoy parmigiana, mozzarella and spaghetti. It might be a good idea to go for take-out, though, as the place is very small. Open until 2AM.

Ajo Blanco (Via Thaon di Revel 9/a)
The Spanish touch that we love and that never hurts. The ambience is beautifully crafted with imported Spanish furniture, candle-lit and very romantic. The menu is outstanding: it goes without saying that you should go for tapas and bocadillos, and if you need to drown any sorrows after a hard day, have a glass of sangria, too! Open until 2AM.

Woodstock – Milano (Via Lodovico il Moro 3)
In one of the most active nightlife areas of the city, we were bound to find a place that is open until late, luckily there is one! An Anglo-Saxon touch and a little informality might just be what you need after a day packed with fashion shows. You can really relax here, with good beer, tasty food and big portions. The prices are more than affordable, and it’s open til 2AM.

Blitz (Via Cenisio 9)
After this culinary journey through so many different cuisines, it’s time to go local, with this restaurant that specializes in Milanese dishes. You can have all sorts of awesomeness here: small macaroni with eggplant, crespelle (Italian crêpes), raw and seared carpaccio, tartares, cotoletta (breaded cutlet), filet salads and other traditional dishes. Open until 2AM.

Cueva Maya (Viale Monte Nero, 19)
After an intense journey, what else can make us happier than a good old barbecue? This Tex-Mex place is one of the best in town. Its specialty is beef and chicken steak strips, served on a piping hot grill, but tacos and enchiladas are also nice. You can also go for Mexican pinto beans and chili, but I wouldn’t do that late at night if I were you 🙂 Vegetarians, fear not: the menu has lots of options, for you too. Open until half past midnight.

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