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Last week we told you about our favorite places for lunch break in central Milan. Today, here we are with a few more suggestions, to help those of you who work — or live — in the Brera district. This area is very famous and hardly needs any description, since it is known to be one of the most characteristic and beautiful in the whole town. There are lots of offices around, but still, maybe thanks to the nearby Pinacoteca and art academy, the streets are always packed with young people, too. The usual word of advice, before you read: keep your appetite at bay, make sure you read all the way to the end, and note down the addresses! 


Bioesserì (Via Fatebenefratelli, 2)
When we write our lists, we always make sure we suggest that one restaurant that is basically a guarantee. Let us explain: the TBS offices are located exactly in Brera, and we go to Biosserì as often as we can, to enjoy good fare, and good company. We usually go for the room at the end of the place, the one you can access by walking underneath the arch decorated with little lights and plants. Their dishes are all prepared with organic ingredients, and manage to unite this to typical Italian taste and tradition. For a light, yet tasty lunch,we warmly recommend tuna salad with a crunchy gluten-free focaccia.

Zazà Ramen (Via Solferino, 48)
Asian food lovers, this is for you. To be precise, this is for Japan lovers, since we are talking about a ramen restaurant — this is the best ramen in the area, and it comes with an Italian twist. The place is a pleasure for your palate, as well as for the eyes, with its tranquil, minimalist interiors — just what you need after an intense morning at work. Their menu is rich, you will see, and you will most definitely feel like going back again and again to work your way through it. An original, delicious lunch break!

Morso Burger (Via Montebello, 7)
Burgers are traditionally American, and some of you might think this is a very fast, not particularly healthy choice. Here at Morso, though, they are trying to make your burger a gourmet experience, making this the perfect place for those who aren’t looking for a typical Italian meal with primo and secondo, but rather a tasty and quick bite. Try the 12 euro menu, and taste their house cheesecake.

Tiramisù delishoes (Via Formentini 2)
Girls, this might be the place of your dreams. If you don’t believe us, you might think again when we tell you that a shop in Brera managed to put together pretty shoes and food in one space. Their menu is mostly based on pasta, meat-based and fish-based dishes, but their real strong point is dessert — tiramisu, to be precise. And not just your good old tiramisu: you will be the one to decide what kind of ingredient you want in the recipe!

Fiori Chiari plates (Via Fiori Chiari, 13)
Lastly, we picked a little place that we find is very representative of the atmosphere that’s typical of this wonderful district, since it is located in one of Brera’s typical little alleys. This is just the place to go with a coworker, or why not, with your better half. Go for the 12 euro menu, and you will make your way back to your office feeling considerably happier than before. If you want to go back, try their aperitif: it’s also excellent.


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