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Porta Romana is one of the areas of Milan where you can clearly feel the history and the city’s past. Did you know there is even a song about it? There are plenty of offices, showrooms and shops there, and like every week, we are here to help you make your pick, lol. It’s time to go for lunch, and if you go to any of these 5 places you might just end up bumping into us!

Pasta Madre (Via Corio, 8)
There’s not a lot to say — pasta is the most complete and quickest meal you can have for lunchbreak. This restaurant agrees on this, to the point that it specialized in homemade fresh pasta. What you will find here is mostly Mediterranean, wonderful food!

Un posto a Milano (Via Cuccagna 2 angolo Via Muratori)
We talked about this place many times before, probably because it’s one of our favorites. It opened in 2012 in a restored farm, and is part of the complex called Cascina Cuccagna — actually more than just a space, more of a refuge from the city’s hustle and bustle! The dishes are always seasonal, and the special thing about the ingredients used here is that they are always locally sourced — or KM0, as Italians say. If you are lucky enough to be there on a beautiful day, we are sure you will find this place so relaxing you will go back to work late.

Polpa Burger (Via Gaetana Agnesi 6)
Sometimes the city is so crowded at 1pm that we find ourselves thinking that the quickest thing we could do would just be to make our own meal. That’s kinda the idea at Polpa, you choose all the ingredients, and they grant your wishes on the spot. Follow your palate, and enjoy your lunch!

Giulio, pane e ojo (Via Lodovico Muratori, 10)
Roman cuisine lovers — and not only, here is your paradise. There is usually a lunch menu at midday, but if you would rather order a la carte, the staff at Giulio, pane e ojo will be happy to help. Don’t miss cacio e pepe, pasta with pecorino cheese and black pepper, and their mains are also delicious, inspired by Roman tradition. It’s the ideal place for dinner in this area, but it is also enjoyable at lunchtime.

Le zie (Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 9)
Le zie means “the Aunties” in Italian, and if it’s about food, I don’t know about you, but I would say that it is a very reassuring name — everyone knows home-cooked food is the best! And we were right to feel that way, we were not disappointed. It’s more of a deli than a restaurant, and everything they sell is homemade by these ladies, who like to jokingly call themselves the aunties. This cozy feeling of home is just what you need to relax during your lunchbreak… And make sure you don’t order too much food, because you really don’t want to run out of space for their delicious desserts!

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