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Burgers are possibly among the most beloved dishes worldwide, and most definitely a favorite for people who are always in a rush. Burgers come in pretty much any flavor nowadays: for meat-eaters, for vegans and vegetarians, there are even deluxe ones, with special recipes. Personally speaking, we are fans of traditional burgers, but we also like to try out something different occasionally. This is why we went out hunting for the latest innovations, and we discovered that, even here in our city, Milan, there are cool options to consider that are perfect even for those who like to eat super-healthy! For instance, have you ever thought of exchanging your bun with avocado? At the Macha Cafè, that is precisely what they do, using our food crush instead of bread to create a delicious salmon burger, that is also perfect for all those who want to keep an eye on their calories. And what to say of Maido’s Japanese version? They go for a rice bun instead of a traditional one, creating a mouthwatering gluten-free burger that way. If you need a change, scroll down to discover 4 new burger variations.

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