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If you’re also feeling a little low after the end of daylight saving time and the start of early sunsets, if you also feel like you really, really dislike Fall… Well, all you can do is still try to see the bright side. Because it’s TRUFFLE season, hurrah! Yes, who cares about the lack of sunlight? Just eat lots of truffle, and life will be beautiful again. If you’re in Milan and you don’t know where to go, here is our guide!


Ten Grams (Via della Moscova)
Truffle as fast food! Yep, that’s right. This place just recently opened, and it is the first that manages to make this world-famous kind of mushroom — because truffles are mushrooms, even if they grow underground — affordable for all. Their menu includes anything from sandwiches to tagliolini, and their excellent prices will truly surprise you: they are very competitive, especially in comparison with other truffle places in Milan.

Osteria Da Francesca (Viale Argonne, 32)
An old family-run restaurant, whose two owners shared their expertise with their son. You will be able to try specialties from Lombardia and Piedmont here, regions where truffles are everywhere this season. If you’re planning to go at the weekend, don’t forget that it’s closed on Sunday!

Tartufotto (Via Cusani, 8)
After two more relaxed, cozier tips, here we are with a more upscale location which prepares mouthwatering truffle, included in typically Italian dishes, exclusively prepared with ingredients grown within Italy. Need a tip? Their beef tartare with dried fruits and scamorza filtrate is amazing!

Tartufi & Friends (Corso Venezia, 18)
This 250sqm restaurant is right in the city center, and it’s perfect for anyone who needs a classy break, or an original aperitif. Their menu is obviously truffle-based, and it is often accompanied by wine tasting. If you go for dinner, save some space for their amazing vanilla, pine nut, fig and honey ice cream with truffle!

Ristorante Piazza Repubblica (via Aldo Manuzio 11)
Every Fall, this place switches its menu to truffle-based fare exclusively, and truffle is suddenly everywhere — it’s like magic! Piazza only serves fresh, high-quality truffle, and they love white truffles especially: it’s everywhere, from starters to desserts. It’s a true journey of the senses, all around the world of the tastiest product this season!

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