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Fast, convenient, good and inexpensive, “street food” has become super popular in Italy and Milan has a wide variety of places offering it. From the Oriental Okonomiyaki to the more traditional Apulian pizza pockets and panzerotti, here are the street food restaurants you must try.

Luini. With a super central location (right behind the Duomo) is a go-to spot for whoever is in the area. You can quickly tell how good it is by the long line of people waiting for their turn to order the panzerotto: wether fried or baked the taste is absolutely inimitable.
Address: via Santa Radegonda, 16
TBS ♥ Don’t be discouraged by the wait, the staff is very fast and it is totally worth it.

Maido. The real Japanese street food in the city.  It is nothing like classic sushi or sashimi: here you’ll eat Onighiri (you know the little rice triangles of the manga?) in different flavors and the traditional Okonomiyaki, that is a salty fritter that you can season as you wish, there and then.
Address: via Savona, 15
TBS ♥ It’s tiny and always packed, but you should try this experience, even just for the comic characters decorating the walls that take us back to our childhood.

Il Kiosko. Initially born as a fishmonger has become with time one of the area’s seafood enthusiasts go-to spots. The turning point was the creation an area dedicated to deli and strictly fish street food, from farm to fork. During the Summer you can also eat your meal at the outdoor tables of the Kiosko.
Address: piazza XXIV maggio
TBS ♥ Plenty of choice: fried fish, fish burger, grilled fish and fish ragu pizza pockets !

Mi Casa Toasteria. Even though not very central, this place is well attended by both locals and tourists that see a toast as a quick lunch solution. A super rich menu with over 40 toast options available, all unusually served skewered.
Address: piazzale Governo Provvisorio, 5
TBS ♥ Not just toasts: we suggest trying the excellent soups in Winter and fresh organic fruit and vegetables in Summer!

Mariù – Kebabberia Gastronomica. The name immediately makes us think of an exotic restaurant but, instead, it’s all prepared with Italian meat combined with the most varied ingredients, from the house’s vegetables in oil to the Calabrese ‘nduja. Only the bread is prepared following the Arab tradition, as the usual kebab (there are also the bread variations offering the piadina romagnola or the puccia from Puglia!).
Address: viale Sabotino, 9
TBS ♥ Good news for vegetarians: there’s a kebab filled with 4 meat-free ingredients.

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