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This week’s TBS Taste happened in a different place and time from the usual. I gathered my early-bird coworkers for the occasion, to go for breakfast in a truly lovely place that’s been open for less than a year, and specializes in organic food and natural products. We accepted their invitation to go test their new breakfast menu, and discovered a whole new, fascinating world.

Let me start by saying that a short post like this is not enough to do V3Raw justice, considering the amount of innovative ideas we found at work in this little place.I will tell you about the three details that struck me most, that were most interesting to me. Their choice in music tops my list: it is not just any music, as it doesn’t come from a radio, or from a Spotify playlist. The music you hear at V3Raw is specially composed for the cafe by the daughter of one of the owners, who is a professional musician. The second thing I noticed was the decor: from the cute hanging plants to their choice of wooden tables, which are fitted with a technology that allows you to wirelessly charge your phone. The third thing to remember, of course, was breakfast, a new idea that they started this Autumn — they used to open at 10am. Their breakfasts are healthy, organic and give you a lot of energy for your day.

The TBS “delegation” that participated in this new edition of TBS Taste was as international as it gets, at least if you consider Europe: a German, a Spaniard and two Italians, one from the North, one from the South, shared a table (no, it’s not the start of an old joke!) Everyone expressed their breakfast preferences: we ordered yogurt with almonds and lemon, an acai bowl, toast, brownies, fruit pies and American mocha style coffee. Our breakfast was just what we needed to help us get over the weather of a grey Milan Fall day. Now, all we need to do is test lunch at V3Raw, and their cold-pressed juice happy hour! Have a look at the gallery of our super healthy breakfast choices. What would you have ordered?




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