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Italian pop music, large windows which open onto a cute yard, and golden flamingos welcoming you in: this is how you step into LùBar for breakfast, as we did for this week”s TBS Taste!

This coffee shop is right inside the PAC (Pavilion of Contemporary Art) in Milan, and it is getting trendier and more popular with locals by the day, especially for breakfast (but also for lunch and dinner, so you’ll find some fish- and meat-based Mediterranean dishes on the menu, too). The venue is classy, but not formal; the location is smack in the city center (via Palestro 16) but also nice and quiet, especially by Milanese standards: this is achieved thanks to its position by one of the city’s best loved parks, Parco Indro Montanelli.

TBS Crew’s Vincenzo and Martina (and Mela, as a special guest) ventured to LùBar to try their breakfast – an excellent way to start their day. As you walk into LùBar, you feel like you’re in a small greenhouse, surrounded by arches, glass, and plenty of green, which make the most important meal in your day even more beautiful.

What did our TBS Crew get? For Martina, an americano and a smoothie with apple, carrot, and ginger; for Vincenzo an espresso and a passion fruit smoothie for an exotic twist. With the drinks came a basket of sliced bread, with butter and jams of different sorts on the side: from hazelnut to citrus – a really lovely combination.

What’s the story of LùBar? This coffee shop is the brainchild of siblings Lucilla, Lucrezia and Ludovico Bonaccorsi, originally from Sicily – and it shows on the menu. It took a lot of work, dedication, and commitment, but they finally managed to persuade the austere world of Milanese museums to open up to this unconventional project. Let’s be honest: such a cool bar on museum premises, in Italy? That’s quite the thing.

Our dear readers have been recommending this place for a while, and we clearly did the right thing when we finally caved in! LùBar is definitely worth our free time. Our warning to the Bonaccorsi siblings: you won’t get rid of us until we try the arancini with shrimp and pistachio. See you very soon!

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