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Dabass probably has it on its menu, alongside its delicious food: a love potion that makes everyone who gets close to this recently opened restaurant in Porta Romana, Milan, fall utterly in love. It might be the atmosphere, with its design lighting and its vintage chairs and tables from the flea market, it might be their delicious menu, prepared with love, changing every day, it might be their bar area, which really makes you want to hang out for an extra glass, making a toast to a radiant future: whatever it is, we’ve never seen so many eyes sparkle with love as we did yesterday.

We decided to test Dabass after we saw the photos of its interiors on the IG profile of a friend of ours who is always in the know of new places to go. We fell in love with what we saw, and as always, trusting our friend was a good idea: despite the place being jam-packed yesterday night, not just for dinner, but also for drinks later on — the restaurant is also a cocktail bar — we felt at home right after sitting down, perhaps also thanks to the table setting, with its mismatched ceramic plates that look like they were just stolen from our grannies’ kitchens. The furniture is entirely upcycled, and their bathroom is very selfie-friendly, thanks to its round mirror and its pink, flower-print wallpaper that will make you suddenly feel like you are in 1960s Milan.

The menu changes every day, depending on the chef’s creativity, and it is composed of 4 courses plus 3 extras, served in a succession as a tasting menu that will satisfy both your sight and sense of taste. Are you a picky eater? Worry not: we went as a party of three, each of us had special requests for the kitchen, and they took care of each and every single problem we had, whether it was food intolerance, or just preference. The dish that won all of our hearts, though, was poached eggs on saffron cream: this is the chef’s specialty, so perhaps we all actually just fell in love with him after all. Could he be hiding the restaurant’s secret love filter? If you are planning a romantic date, book it here to find out if that is the case, and order that dish: who knows, it might be holding the secret to stealing your date’s heart…

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