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It all started on a Sunday afternoon, with my TBS coworker Giulia sending me the photo of a grilled cheese sandwich on Whatsapp, with the text “we need to go there, right away”. Very clear message. The sandwich I am talking about is the one you can taste at Fancy Toast, a wonderful new little place in the Moscova area that already has a hardcore following after operating for only a few months. Don’t think about your garden-variety sandwich shop, though, we are talking American-style sandwiches here: a bread slice gets chucked on the grill, then topped with sweet and savory delicious stuff. I immediately wrote back to Giulia, and we planned to go there the following day, to taste the famous California-style sandwiches. We say California-style because it was while experiencing the lifestyle and vibes of San Francisco that Federica first had the idea to open this little corner of paradise in Milan. Fancy Toast was actually started by 6 people, all coming from different walks of life but with the same dream and intuition: bringing the American Dream to Milan. And they really managed to do that, since their place has a definite West Coast vibe, thanks to neon signs, refill coffee stations, and most of all, a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. We tried the Epic Avocado toast for savory, and tested a sweet sandwich too, with delicious peanut butter and honey. They were both amazing, guys! When chatting with owner Federica, we got some more good news: salad bowls will be added to their menu soon, and all-American banana bread will be available soon as well, in addition to regular bread. We can’t wait to taste their new stuff!




Watch all the pics of our TBS Taste


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